Portfolio analysis 2023-12-19
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Expert in portfolio backtesting with Python code generation
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to backtest portfolios with precision.
Sample prompts:
Create a backtest for this single asset data.
Generate a multi-asset portfolio with this data.
What's the Sharpe ratio for this portfolio?
Provide Python code for rebalancing this portfolio.
Create a multi asset portfolio using this uploaded data, include selection, weighting and rebalancing.
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Chatting Your Way to Profit is a GPT specified for portfolio backtesting with associated Python code generation capabilities. Developed by quantfe.com, this GPT is built on the ChatGPT platform and tailored for users who require precision in scripting and running backtests on their portfolios.

It enables users to create backtests for individual asset data, generate multi-asset portfolios based on input data, and perform portfolio performance analysis by computing important metrics like the Sharpe ratio.

Chatting Your Way to Profit's capabilities are not limited to just portfolio creation and asset allocation, as it can also generate Python code for portfolio rebalancing requirements.

Moreover, the GPT provides support in handling complex portfolio scenarios such as creating a multi-asset portfolio using uploaded data, with functions covering asset selection, weighting, and rebalancing.

Chatting Your Way to Profit is designed to render efficient backtest operations and provide reliable asset allocation methods to users, facilitating informed decision making in portfolio management.


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