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Finance: Portfolio creation, investment insights.
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Telescope is an AI tool specifically designed for finance companies, aiming to facilitate the delivery of high-quality AI applications in the financial sector.

It offers various features such as portfolio creation, investment discovery, and generating insights. The tool recently introduced Telescope Radar, which focuses on unpacking investor personas using AI.Telescope works seamlessly with broker apps, hedge funds, publishers, and startups, providing a generative AI architecture to enhance the user experience on their platforms.

It offers three foundation products: Ripple, Radar, and Fuse. Ripple enables the creation of intelligent stock baskets based on a single theme or future event, eliminating friction between ideas and trades.

Radar provides recommendations for portfolios or single stocks by constructing AI-generated personas, offering highly relevant trading suggestions to users.

Fuse allows users to create their own content in a brand-specific tone and gather unique data on financial instruments.For developers, Telescope offers a simple and seamless API integration to accelerate the development process.

The tool also includes a flexible investment engine that allows users to design their own meta-model and match it against their datasets.Telescope's AI capabilities empower users to view the future and generate investment ideas from prompts or themes.

It utilizes AI-driven stock selection to convert themes into actionable investment opportunities. With a focus on hyper-personalization, Telescope enables more trades and higher user engagement, resulting in increased conversions and retention rates.

Testimonials from real investors showcase the tool's positive reception within the industry.


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Telescope was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 29th 2023.

Pros and Cons


Enables portfolio creation
Facilitates investment discovery
Generates investment insights
Portfolio recommendations using personas
Creates brand-specific content
Gathers unique data
Seamless API integration
Flexible investment engine
Facilitates design of meta-model
Converts themes into investments
Enables hyper-personalized trades
Increases user engagement
Facilitates prompt-based idea generation
Radar for portfolio creation
Fuse for content creation
Ripple for intelligent stock baskets
Works with various platforms
Generates unique trading suggestions
Matches data against meta-model
Empowers users to view future
Enhanced user engagement
Increased conversions and retention
Transforms prompt into portfolios
Facilitates stock discovery
Seamlessly integrates with platforms
Quick API integration for developers
Prompt-based investment ideas generation
Supports rapid stock discovery
Aids in diversified investment
Allows timely theme-based trends
Supports higher trade volume
Captivates users in stock discovery
Improves stock discovery process
Helps respond to market trends
Provides balanced investment approach
Facilitates theme-based investment
Equips users with future view
Acceleration of development process


Limited to financial sector
No mobile app
No multi-language support
Lacks detailed user guide
Limited training resources
Requires financial data knowledge
Dependent on user-based input
Potential over-personalization issues
Limited custom theme options
No free trial


What is Telescope?
How does Telescope use AI for stock discovery?
What is Telescope Radar and how does it unpack investor personas?
How does Telescope integrate with broker apps and other platforms?
What are Telescope's foundation products and how do they work?
How can developers benefit from Telescope's API integration?
How does Telescope aid in portfolio creation and investment discovery?
What is the purpose of the generative AI architecture in Telescope?
How does Telescope's investment engine work?
Can users design their own investment models in Telescope?
How does AI-driven stock selection work in Telescope?
How does Telescope handle themes and convert them into investment opportunities?
How does Telescope promote user engagement and increase conversion rates?
What is the benefit of Telescope's focus on hyper-personalization?
How does Telescope facilitate increased trading volumes?
How does Telescope respond to trends and event based triggers?
Can Telescope help diversify my investment approach?
How does the AI in Telescope create thematic portfolios?
What is the process to integrate Telescope's API into my application?
How do users leverage Telescope for creating their own content?

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