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WhatsApp bot generates content, assists math.
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Ask Robi is an AI-powered chatbot that lives in your contact list and can be accessed through WhatsApp. It is a powerful tool that can help users write essays, generate original images, create concept art and wireframes, create textual content, and understand complex maths and queries.

Ask Robi does not require an app download, and all data is securely protected and kept confidential according to WhatsApp's data privacy standards. Plus, Ask Robi has the ability to translate any text into a language that a 5-year-old can understand.

This makes it a great tool for those who need help with writing, visuals, or complex mathematics.

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May 19, 2023
How do I get it to respond? I just said hey and it didn’t register

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Pros and Cons


Accessible through WhatsApp
Generates original images
Creates concept art
Writes textual content
Complex maths understanding
No app download required
Data confidentiality
Translation into simple language
Essays and concept writing
Produces wireframes
Coding and programming assistance
Spreadsheet help
Available for free
Live chat interface
Generates creative content
Applicable to all ages
Personalized experience
No personal data collected
Respects WhatsApp's data privacy
Contact added easily
Light and dark themes
Informative and educative
Secure data protection
Provides creative ideas


Limited to WhatsApp
No offline use
Image generation limitations
Restricted customer support
No advanced configuration options
Limited personal customization
Overly simplified translations
No native app

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