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Q&A chatbot that emails, summarizes, explains, writes.
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The Next.js AI Chatbot is an open-source chatbot tool built with the Next.js framework and Vercel's AI SDK and KV storage. This tool is designed to help developers build and deploy fully functional chatbots that can perform a range of functions.

Using this tool, developers can create chatbots that have the ability to explain technical concepts, summarize articles, draft emails, and even scroll to the bottom of a webpage.

The chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence and is capable of learning from user interactions to improve its responses over time.The Next.js AI Chatbot is built with modern web technologies and utilizes Vercel's serverless infrastructure to provide high performance and scalability.

It can be easily deployed to Vercel with the click of a button, or can be downloaded directly from GitHub for local hosting. Overall, the Next.js AI Chatbot is a powerful and versatile tool for creating AI-powered chatbots that can be customized to fit a variety of use cases.

Its open-source nature and ease of deployment make it a popular choice for developers looking to add chatbot functionality to their applications.

Next.js AI Chatbot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open-source tool
Built with Next.js
Uses Vercel's KV storage
Can explain technical concepts
Ability to summarize articles
Can draft emails
Can scroll webpages
Learns from user interactions
Offers high performance
Easy deployment to Vercel
Can be locally hosted
Can be downloaded from GitHub
Supports a range of use cases
Customizable chatbots
Powered by modern web technologies
Serverless Infrastructure
Ease of deployment
Login with Vercel
Deployable link to Vercel
Repository available on GitHub


Depends on Vercel's infrastructure
Requires knowledge of Next.js
Limited to web interfaces
Requires manual deployment
Requires handling with GitHub
SDK learning curve
Performance depends on user interactions
May lack extensive customizability
Dependent on Vercel KV Storage


What is the Next.js AI Chatbot?
How does Next.js AI Chatbot work?
What unique features does the Next.js AI Chatbot offer?
Can the Next.js AI Chatbot explain technical concepts?
How does the Next.js AI Chatbot summarize articles?
Is the Next.js AI Chatbot able to draft emails?
What does it mean that the Next.js AI Chatbot can scroll to the bottom of a webpage?
How does Next.js AI Chatbot learn from user interactions?
What are the requirements for deploying the Next.js AI Chatbot?
Can I host the Next.js AI Chatbot locally?
What is Vercel's AI SDK and how does it contribute to the Next.js AI Chatbot?
How does Vercel's serverless infrastructure enhance the performance of the Next.js AI Chatbot?
Where can I download the Next.js AI Chatbot from?
Is the Next.js AI Chatbot customizable?
How scalable is the Next.js AI Chatbot?
Why is being open-source advantageous for the Next.js AI Chatbot?
What makes Next.js AI Chatbot a popular choice among developers?
Can Next.js AI Chatbot be used for any application?
How easy is the deployment process of Next.js AI Chatbot?
What is Vercel KV and how does it facilitate the Next.js AI Chatbot?

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