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Doc analysis, legal advice, virtual medicine platform.
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Wikivec offers GPT-powered all-in-one AI tools that allow users to chat with any document, consult an AI lawyer or doctor, and explore additional tools.

This free platform aims to provide a range of AI solutions to meet various needs. The GPT-powered chat feature enables users to engage in conversational exchanges with documents, facilitating quick information retrieval and analysis.

Users can also benefit from the AI legal scanner, which scans and analyzes legal documents, and the AI lawyer tool, which provides virtual consultation services.

Additionally, the AI doctor tool offers virtual medical help, catering to healthcare-related inquiries. The platform's focus on using GPT technology allows for conversational interactions with different types of data, potentially enhancing productivity and efficiency.

By leveraging GPT's language capabilities, users can obtain information, legal insights, and medical advice without the need for extensive manual processing.

Wikivec aims to provide a comprehensive suite of AI tools that cover various subject areas, ensuring accessibility to a diverse range of users. Through their all-in-one AI tool approach, Wikivec aims to simplify the user experience, as users can access multiple tools from a single platform.

This streamlines the process of obtaining information and advice, potentially saving time and effort. The platform promotes an AI-driven ecosystem, inviting users to become part of their platform and explore the capabilities of their GPT-powered tools.

Wikivec was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 15th 2023.
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