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Group chats with AI on your device
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Iceberg is an AI-powered tool designed for managing group chats on Apple devices. Available for download from the App Store, it can be used on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

The tool uses advanced AI to facilitate seamless and productive group discussions. The tool's core functionalities aren't specified in the provided text, but it can be inferred that the application may assist users in organizing, managing, and understanding the complexities of group chats better by employing AI.

This could potentially include development of discussion threads, automated moderation or semantic analysis. Users are able to compare ratings and read reviews on the App Store before making the decision to download and use it.

Furthermore, continuous updates and improvements are presumed based on standard app-development practices. However, for detailed usage and features, users should refer to descriptions and user-guides available in the App Store.

Iceberg was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Available on iOS devices
Seamless group discussions
Potential for discussion threads
Potential for automated moderation
Potential for semantic analysis
Ratings and reviews available
Regular updates and improvements
User-guide available
Potential chat organization and management
Potential chat complexity understanding
Privacy policy available
Positive user ratings
Able to create group chats
Data not collected by developer
Compatible with later iOS versions
Compatible with Mac with Apple M1 chip
Lightweight application size
App support available


Compatibility limited to Apple
Requires iOS 16.4 or later
No cross-platform functionality
Potential linguistic limitations
No specified offline functionality
Non-inclusive of other messaging apps
Only available in English
Lacks concrete feature descriptions
Size of the app (64.3 MB)


What is Iceberg?
How can Iceberg assist in managing group chats?
On what devices is Iceberg available?
What type of AI does Iceberg use?
Does Iceberg have a rating on the App Store?
How do I download Iceberg?
What potential features does Iceberg have for managing group chats?
Does Iceberg offer semantic analysis of group chats?
Does Iceberg offer automatic moderation?
Where can I learn more about Iceberg's features and usage?
Does Iceberg have continuous updates and improvements?
Who develops and maintains Iceberg?
How does Iceberg use AI to facilitate group discussions?
Is Iceberg a free or paid app?
Is there a user guide for Iceberg?
Does Iceberg have a review system?
Will Iceberg work with all versions of iOS?
What are users' experiences with using Iceberg?
Does Iceberg work on iPads?
Is Iceberg designed specifically for Apple devices?

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