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Fast web browser with GPT4 AI chatbot and Chrome extensions.
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Mask Browser is a web browser tool which offers a blend of regular browsing capabilities and AI-powered functionalities. It's more than just a Chromium-based browser, featuring an AI chat assistant powered by OpenAIs GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, using the latest ChatGPT technology.

This AI chat assistant is designed to elevate work, studying, and exploration by providing personalized and creative AI interactions. The Mask Browser is compatible with a wide range of Google and Edge extensions, designed to enhance the browsing experience, ranging from ad blockers to password managers and more.

Its key features offer users a personal AI assistant, a revolutionary AI Chatbot, extensive extension support, all-in-one extension management, incognito browsing mode, versatile search engine options, a customizable homepage, an integrated translation tool, and immersive video experience, among other functionalities.

Mask Browser's advanced features focus on providing high levels of online privacy and security, impressive rendering speeds, a user-friendly interface, and cutting-edge innovation.

The tool has been designed to bridge generative AI, security, speed, and convenience within a single browser interface.


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Mask Browser was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 powered chatbot
Compatible with Google and Edge extensions
Comprehensive extension management
Incognito browsing mode
Versatile search engine options
Customizable homepage
Integrated translation tool
Immersive video experience
Enhanced online privacy
Prominent online security
Superb rendering speed
User-friendly interface
Ad-Blocking feature
Password management option
Advanced Dark Mode
Supports 84 languages
Customizable address bar placement
Voice search and QR code scanning
Blocks intrusive pop-ups notifications
Offers both Malicious Website Interception & Ad Blocking
Local extensions import: crx, zip, user.js files
Login via Google or Facebook
Supports external download manager
Trending search discovery
Highly innovative, ChatGPT, GPT-4, ERNIE BOT, Qianfan-Bloomz model
Personalized user center
Data is encrypted in transit
Seamless browser migration
Third-party login for better data management
Install from CSV files


Incompatible with some extensions
Issues with toolbar settings
Broken external extension installation
Unreliable extension auto-start
Poor app link handling
Typing box visibility issues
Font size inconsistency
Issues with third-party logins


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Does Mask Browser support voice search and QR code scanning?
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