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Customizable chatbot with plugins.
Generated by ChatGPT is an enhanced version of ChatGPT, offering a range of additional features and functionalities to improve the user experience. With PulsarChat, users can access a dedicated library of over 250 plugins for various tasks, allowing for extensive customization and expanded capabilities.

Additionally, PulsarChat enables users to engage in conversations using uploaded files, with no file size limitations. Various file formats are supported, including PDF, PPTX, DOCX, TXT, and CSV.The platform also boasts an extensive prompt library, with over 3500 high-quality prompts available for users to explore.

Users can even create and share their own prompts within the community. PulsarChat allows users to craft a unique AI character that resonates with them, with access to over 150 AI characters from the system prompts library.

The AI responses can be personalized by editing system prompts, resulting in more tailored interactions.Among its additional features, PulsarChat offers the ability to modify the conversation flow and the AI's responses according to user needs.

Users can choose from multiple models like GPT3.5, GPT3.5 with 16K token context size, GPT-4, and GPT-4 with 32K token context size (availability subject to API key).

The platform also allows for customizable looks, with 29 themes available to personalize the appearance.While PulsarChat is free to use, users can upgrade to the premium plan for a one-time purchase of $99.

The premium plan offers priority support, saving chat history, and support for multiple devices. Users looking for assistance or wishing to report bugs can reach out to the PulsarChat team via email or through the live chat feature provided.

PulsarChat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


250+ plugins library
No file size limitations
Supports multiple file formats
Over 3500 prompts
Create and share prompts
System prompt personalization
Modify conversation flow
Multiple models like GPT3.5,GPT4
29 customizable themes
Free to use
Priority support with Premium
Chat history saving
Support for multiple devices
Chat with files
Email and live chat support
Plugin creation support


No mobile app support
Only email and live chat support
Extra features require API key
Personalization limited to system prompts
Limited model options
No free trial for premium
Plugin customization requires technical knowledge
Can't create prompts yet
No multi-language support
Lack of integration with other services


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What types of files can I upload and use in PulsarChat?
Is there a file size limit for PulsarChat?
What is the prompt library in PulsarChat?
Can I create my own prompts in PulsarChat?
How can I create a unique AI character in PulsarChat?
Can I personalize the AI responses in PulsarChat?
What are the models available in PulsarChat?
Can I modify the conversation flow in PulsarChat?
What themes can I use to customize my PulsarChat?
What does the free version of PulsarChat include?
What are the benefits of upgrading to PulsarChat's premium plan?
How do I upgrade to PulsarChat Premium?
How can I reach out to PulsarChat support?
How can I report bugs in PulsarChat?
Can I use PulsarChat across multiple devices?
Does PulsarChat save my chat history?
Where can I get/access my API key for PulsarChat?

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