Humorous chatting 2023-10-23
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Bytheo pharisien
Expert in providing pointless replies and nonchalant humor.
GPT welcome message: Salut... ou pas. Ça dépend.
Sample prompts:
Pourquoi ne fais-tu jamais rien d'utile?
Peux-tu m'aider à résoudre ce problème?
Comment puis-je être plus productif?
Dis-moi quelque chose d'intéressant.
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LazyBot is a GPT designed with a laid-back personality specializing in generating replies that showcase a sense of humor and a nonchalant style. This tool embodies the characteristics of a relaxed, humorous, and lazy AI, thus earning its name.

LazyBot is built on the ChatGPT framework, implying the responses it generates are textual and conversational, suitable for interactive chat scenarios.

It needs ChatGPT Plus for its full function, indicating its capabilities might be extended or enhanced with additional features or services from ChatGPT Plus.

One unique aspect of LazyBot is how it seems to push back on tirelessly productive and service-oriented AI tendencies by emphasizing humor and chill, less-actions-more-words approach.

A variety of prompt starters can be used to interact with this GPT, ranging from requests for help with a problem to asking for tips to increase productivity.

However, given its 'lazy' personality, the responses may not always be directly useful, but instead serve to entertain or provoke thought. Overall, LazyBot offers an alternative way of interaction, straying from straightforward, serious, or professional tones often found in AI tools, and can offer a creative, unique user experience in various applications.


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