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Customize chatbot source code for development.
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The tool is a website built using Typedream, which offers a smart AI companion called Ellen. The tool provides users with a complete source code including the project and chatbot template, along with a step-by-step guide on creation and customization.

The tool is currently offered at a pre-launch price of $9 with the price being raised to $29 after launch. The tool is customizable, allowing users to input their own API keys and improve the source code.

The tool also comes with a video tutorial and the option to rebrand and resell. The tool promises to offer users the ability to modify and resell the product once purchased, allowing for a variety of potential use cases such as building an AI girlfriend or chatbot assistant.

The website offers a contact option through Twitter and email. In summary, Ellen AI is an AI tool that provides users with a smart AI companion and a complete source code for customization, along with a step-by-step guide and video tutorial.

The tool is customizable and comes with the option to rebrand and resell, providing users with the ability to build different AI products such as AI girlfriends or chatbot assistants.

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Pros and Cons


Complete source code access
Step-by-step creation guide
Pre-launch pricing option
Highly customizable
Input own API keys
Source code improvement
Video tutorial included
Rebranding and reselling option
Instant code access post-payment
Purchase grants full ownership
Contact options through Twitter and email
Created with Typedream
Resale and rebranding rights
Can create chatbot assistants
Possible voice extensions
One-time payment
Post-purchase support


Built using Typedream
Website-based only
Limited pre-launch pricing
Requires own API keys
Resell potentially risky
Only contact through Twitter/email
Pay upfront policy
Relies heavily on user customization
Single purchase access
Video guide delay


What is Ellen AI?
How do I customize Ellen AI?
What is included in the Ellen AI source code?
What can I do with the chatbot template provided by Ellen AI?
How much does Ellen AI cost at pre-launch and after launch?
Can I input my own API keys into Ellen AI?
Can I improve the source code of Ellen AI?
Does Ellen AI offer video tutorials?
Is there a step-by-step guide on creation and customization for Ellen AI?
What is the rebranding and reselling option offered by Ellen AI?
For what purpose can I use Ellen AI?
Can I modify Ellen AI after purchase?
What kind of AI products can I build using Ellen AI?
How do I access the source code of Ellen AI?
When will the video guide be added to the drive after I pay for Ellen AI?
Who owns the product after I purchase Ellen AI?
Is the Ellen AI tool customizable?
Can I use Ellen AI to build AI girlfriends or chatbot assistants?
How can I contact the creators of Ellen AI?
How is the tool used in different products like extensions with voice?

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