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ChatGPT conversation archiver & organizer.
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ChatShelf is a browser extension that allows users of the ChatGPT platform to save their conversations to Notion. It offers a simple and convenient way to archive and organize chat sessions.

With a one-click "Save" button added to the ChatGPT web interface, users can effortlessly sync their content to Notion, providing seamless integration between the two platforms.

One notable feature of ChatShelf is its excellent support for Notion's text formatting. It effectively transforms ChatGPT text into Notion Blocks, ensuring that headings, lists, and code snippets are accurately captured and preserved.

ChatShelf aims to deliver a stable and fast experience with reliable data security measures in place. It offers lightning-fast syncs to Notion, enabling users to efficiently store their chat conversations without compromising on speed or security.

Additionally, ChatShelf prides itself on being visually appealing, providing users with a beautiful interface that enhances the overall user experience.

The tool is currently available as a browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It is free to use, making it accessible to ChatGPT users who want to conveniently save their chat conversations to Notion.

Overall, ChatShelf offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for ChatGPT users to seamlessly save their conversations to Notion, enhancing productivity and organization.

Shelf Chat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 23rd 2023.
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