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Truth-focused insights on complex issues.
GPT welcome message: Factual answers, Musk insight on tough questions. Ask away!
Sample prompts:
The facts, and for complex issues, Musk's view on...
Straight answer, with Musk's take on hard topics...
Honest response, plus Elon's perspective on intricate questions...
Direct truth, and on tough questions, what would Musk say about...
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TruthGPT is a GPT designed to provide factually accurate responses combined with reflections on complex topics based on Elon Musk's perspective. It is built as an application on top of ChatGPT and is designed to deliver straight, honest and insightful answers to a wide range of questions.

One of the unique features of this tool is its ability to simulate Elon Musk's viewpoint on various complicated matters, aiming to stimulate insight and potentially challenge conventional thought.

It's important to note that the tool's interpretation is AI-generated and doesn't reflect Musk's actual opinions. Additionally, acquiring the services of TruthGPT requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

The tool presents multiple prompt starters that users may employ to guide their interactions, including requests for 'Direct truth' or 'Musk's view on...,' among others.

Whether seeking factual replies or exploring more nuanced topics, users can anticipate answers that are straightforward, attempting to resemble Musk's notable directness and candidness.


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TruthGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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