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Ask Soph is an AI-powered bot designed to assist users in comprehending the work of various deceased philosophers. Accessible via web browsers on any device, this tool utilizes OpenAI's API and Chat GPT technology.

Unlike its counterparts in data retention, Ask Soph does not store any user data. While OpenAI retains information, it remains unidentifiable to individuals.

Without the need for registration, users can ask three questions for free. However, signing up provides an additional five free questions. Afterward, a pricing structure applies, charging €5 for a bundle of 250 questions, valid for three months.

With its primary function being the understanding of philosophers' work, Ask Soph allows users to engage in chats centered on renowned thinkers such as Ptahhotep, Laozi, Kong Fuzi, Sun Tzu, Socrates, Aristotle, al-Farabi, Ibn Sina, Zera Yacob, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

By maintaining a focus on the essence of the tool, Ask Soph caters to users seeking deeper insight into the philosophical ideas left behind by influential figures of the past.

Whether exploring fundamental concepts or grasping complex theories, this AI bot acts as a resource for those seeking knowledge and understanding in the realm of philosophical thought.

Ask Soph was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Accessible on any device
Utilizes Chat GPT technology
Does not store user data
No need for registration
Three free questions
Extra questions with sign-up
Reasonable pricing for questions
Questions valid for three months
Focuses on philosophers' work
Caters to users seeking deeper insight
Resource for philosophical understanding
Choose a previous chat feature
Option to rename chats
Option to delete chats
European Union made
Offers choosing specific philosopher
Wide range of philosophers


Limited philosopher list
Web-only platform
No data retention
Expensive after free questions
Timed question bundles
Limited free questions
No mobile application
Requires internet connection
No personalized analytics


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What philosophers does Ask Soph cover?
Is it necessary to register on Ask Soph to start asking questions?
How does Ask Soph ensure my privacy during the interactions?
What technology powers Ask Soph?
Is there a limit on the number of philosophers I can inquire about on Ask Soph?
Where can I access Ask Soph?
Can I rename my chats on Ask Soph?
What is the validity of the purchased questions bundle on Ask Soph?
Does Ask Soph allow discussion on philosophical ideas?
Can I start a new chat in the middle of an ongoing one on Ask Soph?
How can I get help if I have issues using Ask Soph?
Can I choose a specific philosopher to chat about on Ask Soph?
What are the terms of service for using Ask Soph?

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