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Chad GPT is an AI-powered chatbot application available on Google Play. The app is designed to offer advice and support on any topic, big or small, and provide uplifting messages inspired by the ultimate Alpha Male persona.

Users can chat with Chad GPT to ask questions, seek guidance, or simply chat for friendly banter. The app is regularly updated, and its privacy policy indicates that user data is encrypted in transit and doesn’t share it with third parties.

However, the app may collect app activity data types, which can't be deleted. The developer provided data privacy and security information, but practices may vary based on users' region and age.Users can install Chad GPT on compatible devices and add it to their wishlist for future reference.

The app contains advertisements and has been downloaded over 500 times. The app belongs to Leaf Tech Inc., a developer that has other apps available on Google Play.

Users can report flagged content to the developer and contact the developer via email. The app is classified under the lifestyle category on Google Play.

ChadGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available on Google Play
Offers advice and support
Covers any topic
Provides uplifting messages
Regularly updated
Data encryption in transit
No data shared with third parties
Suitable for compatible devices
Can be added to wishlist
Contains advertisements
Over 500 downloads
Report flagged content feature
Developer contact via email
Categorized under lifestyle
Offered by reputable developer
Privacy policy available
Ability to use anonymously
Unique Alpha Male persona
Inspires self-improvement discussion
Data privacy information provided


Available only on Google Play
Collects app activity data
User data can't be deleted
Contains advertisements
Limited conceptual application (Alpha Male)
Downloads less than 1000
Only on compatible devices
Practices vary by region, age
No third-party integration
User report system required


What is Chad GPT?
How can I download Chad GPT?
What is the main function of Chad GPT?
Does Chad GPT offer advice on specific subjects or all topics?
Is Chad GPT available on all devices?
What information does Chad GPT collect from users?
How does Chad GPT protect user data?
Does Chad GPT share user information with third parties?
Can I add Chad GPT to my wishlist on Google Play?
How often is Chad GPT updated?
Who developed Chad GPT?
How do I report inappropriate content in Chad GPT?
How do I contact the developer of Chad GPT?
Does Chad GPT contain advertisements?
Which category on Google Play does Chad GPT belong to?
How many times has Chad GPT been downloaded?
What is the age rating for Chad GPT?
Can I delete my data from Chad GPT?
Which other apps has Leaf Tech Inc. developed?
Can I chat with Chad GPT for friendly banter?

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