Chatting 2023-08-21
Improved webpage browsing experience
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Brave Leo is an AI assistant built directly into the Brave browser. It is available for testing and feedback in the Nightly desktop channel. Leo is accessible through the Brave Sidebar and allows users to interact with the web pages they're visiting without leaving the page.

It can provide video transcripts, interactive article summaries, and assist with reading comprehension. Leo operates as a chatbot, capable of answering questions and suggesting follow-up questions.By using the Llama 2 language model developed by Meta, Leo ensures user privacy by submitting inputs anonymously through a reverse-proxy.

This privacy-focused approach allows Brave to offer an AI experience with enhanced privacy. However, users should exercise caution as the outputs of the model may contain potential inaccuracies or errors.To try Leo, users can access it through the Brave Sidebar button in the Brave browser Nightly channel.

Feedback on Leo's performance can be shared with Brave's community.It's important to note that using Leo does not require any user login or account, and chats are not used for training purposes.

Conversations with Leo are immediately discarded after a reply is generated, ensuring anonymity and privacy.Overall, Brave Leo offers users the convenience of an AI assistant directly within their browsing experience, promoting privacy and usability.

Leo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Built into Brave browser
Interactive with web pages
Provides video transcripts
Generates article summaries
Assists with reading comprehension
Operates as chatbot
Suggests follow-up questions
User privacy priority
Anonymously inputs submissions
No user login required
Privacy-enhanced browsing experience
Conversations immediately discarded
Promotes interactivity and privacy
Uses Llama 2 model
Inputs through reverse-proxy
Accessed from Brave Sidebar
Doesn't train with chats
Brave's community interaction
Availability at Nightly channel
Desktop accessibility
Page context sharing
Query-based responses
Improvements planned with releases
Live information access planned
Integration with Brave Search


Only available in Nightly version
Limited to Brave browser
Does not possess live information
Could have potential inaccuracies
No option to review past chats
Dependent on browser context
User prompt specificity required
Exclusively for desktop users
Unavailable for mobile users
Lacks account creation for personalization


What is Brave Leo?
How can I access Brave Leo?
What functionalities does Leo offer?
Can Brave Leo provide video transcripts?
Does Leo operate as a chatbot?
What language model does Leo use?
How does Leo ensure user privacy?
What should I be aware of when using Leo's output?
Can I try Leo without a user login or account?
Are chats with Leo stored for training purposes?
Which channel can I use to try Brave Leo and give feedback?
How does Leo promote privacy and usability?
What type of responses can Leo generate?
How does Brave Leo interact with web pages I'm visiting?
What kind of language model is the Llama 2?
Does Brave Leo have live information access?
What potential inaccuracies or errors should I be aware of when using Leo?
Can Leo assist with reading comprehension?
Where can I share my feedback regarding Brave Leo's performance?
Do my conversations with Brave Leo get saved?

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