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Turn 'send' into 'mend' with a chat that cheers you up.
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Txt Your Ex is an AI tool designed to counteract the temptation of contacting an ex-partner via text. The application's primary objective is to transform the user's need to 'send' into an opportunity to facilitate mental and emotional 'mend'.

A noticeable feature of the application is called 'Text Therapy', designed to encourage therapeutic conversations that could help brighten a user's mood.

Another striking feature is the tool's assurance of privacy. Users may open up about their feelings without concern, as the platform promises a level of secrecy comparable to a private diary.

To further assist in the healing process, the software also aims to prevent users from falling back into harmful texting patterns, by helping them let go and promoting personal growth.

This tool is developed by AE Studio, which showcases additional artificial intelligence solutions. As with any tool, users are encouraged to use it responsibly and use other means of professional help if needed.


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Txt Your Ex was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms 'send' into 'mend'
Text Therapy feature
Encourages therapeutic conversations
Brightens user's mood
High level of privacy
Safe emotional expression
Prevents harmful texting patterns
Promotes personal growth
Developed by AE Studio
Supports mental health
Provides emotional healing
Promotes letting go
Confidential platform
Behavior pattern intervention
Encourages relationship closure
Emotional support feature
Facilitates self help
Encourages responsible use
Ex-partner contact prevention
Private diary secrecy level


No professional therapist oversight
Limited to text interactions
Potential emotional dependency
Doesn't address offline behaviours
No external support offered
May not suit all users
Privacy measures unspecified
May encourage avoidance behaviours
No clear user rating system
Not suitable for severe cases


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What kind of conversations would the 'Text Therapy' feature encourage?
How does Txt Your Ex 'transform send into mend'?
Is Txt Your Ex designed to help with relationship closure?
Does Txt Your Ex offer professional mental health support?
What kind of harmful texting patterns does Txt Your Ex help prevent?
How confidential is the use of Txt Your Ex?
How does Txt Your Ex facilitate in letting go of previous relationships?
Can Txt Your Ex be used as a form of AI therapy?
Does Txt Your Ex possess any additional artificial intelligence solutions?
Does Txt Your Ex provide self-help solutions?
How does Txt Your Ex's feature of 'our lips are sealed' function?
What is the level of secrecy provided by Txt Your Ex compared to?

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