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Telegram personal assistant chatbot.
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Unrobot is a personal artificial intelligence assistant available through Telegram. Users can contact Unrobot directly through the Telegram app to receive personalized support and assistance.

The tool also offers human support through the contact @unsupport. Unrobot is available to anyone who has Telegram and can be easily downloaded through the Telegram website.

The tool provides a convenient way for users to obtain assistance and support through a messaging platform they may already be using. As an AI assistant, Unrobot may be able to provide automated responses and assistance to commonly asked questions, freeing up support staff to concentrate on more complex issues.

Overall, Unrobot is an efficient and user-friendly tool for obtaining AI assistance and support through Telegram.

Unrobot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available on Telegram
Personalized support and assistance
Human support available
Easy to download
Automated responses
Frees up support staff
User-friendly tool
Can handle complex issues
Assistance through messaging platform
Accessible to all Telegram users
Immediate contact


Dependent on Telegram
No multilingual support
No standalone software
Limited to text-based communication
Cannot operate off-line
Relies on internet connectivity
No advanced troubleshooting capabilities
Requires existing Telegram account
Limited third-party integration
No self-learning capabilities


How can I download Unrobot?
What services does Unrobot provide?
How does Unrobot assist me through Telegram?
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Can Unrobot answer all the questions I ask?
What differentiates Unrobot from other AI chatbots?
What if Unrobot can't answer my questions?
Is Unrobot only available on Telegram?
How does Unrobot provide human support?
What is the direct contact for human support in Unrobot?
Do I need to pay for Unrobot's services?
What is the response time of Unrobot?
How user-friendly is Unrobot?
Can I use Unrobot without having Telegram?
How private are the conversations with Unrobot?
Can Unrobot assist with complex issues?
Who developed Unrobot?
How can I update my Unrobot app?
Can Unrobot resolve technical issues through the Telegram app?
How does Unrobot help to free up support staff?

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