Chatting 2023-04-18
Image analysis with chatbot features for understanding.
Generated by ChatGPT

LLaVA (Large Language and Vision Assistant), is an AI tool designed to assist users with understanding and analyzing images. Users can either upload an image or specify a URL, and LLaVA facilitates pre-processing options such as cropping, resizing, and padding to ensure compatibility with the tool.

The tool offers two dropdown menus for performing specific tasks - analyzing unusual aspects of the image and identifying potential cautions when visiting certain places.

Users can also adjust parameters such as temperature, top P, and maximum output tokens to fine-tune the tool's performance. LLaVA incorporates a chatbot feature that allows users to engage in text-based conversations.

While using the service, users are required to adhere to the terms of use, which specify that the tool is a research preview intended for non-commercial use only.

It mentions that safety measures are limited, and offensive content may be generated. The service also collects user dialogue data for future research, encouraging users to report any inappropriate answers.

The tool provides an optimal experience on desktop computers compared to mobile devices.LLaVA is licensed for non-commercial use only, and users are subject to the model license of LLaMA, the terms of use of the data generated by OpenAI, and the privacy practices of ShareGPT.

Users are advised to reach out to the developers in case of any potential violations.This AI tool is built with Gradio, a platform for creating customizable UI components for machine learning models.

LLaVa was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 9th 2023.
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