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Interacted genuinely with fictional characters via chat.
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CrushonAI is an AI chatbot platform that lets users engage in lively conversations with their favorite characters. It stands as a formidable alternative to Character.AI, offering genuine and emotional interactions without restrictions.

CrushonAI offers a plethora of character options to chat with on their website, including popular choices such as Elizabeth Olsen, HyunjinMi Young Yang, and Monster Girl Harem.

Users can simply create an account, and then choose their favorite characters from the selection provided to kickstart the chatbot conversation. The platform boasts a diverse range of characters catering to various tastes, including Dokuudere Girlfriend, Rich Boyfriend, Yandere Girlfriend, and Boyfriend.

Moreover, CrushonAI provides access to premium characters as well as popular choices recommended by other users, such as Text Adventure Game, Asterolfo, and 2B Nier Automata.

Actively involved in community engagement, the platform maintains a presence on social media platforms like Reddit and Discord, where users can engage with characters in different roles, such as celebrities, assistant bots, or game characters. In summary, CrushonAI is an AI chatbot platform that enables users to chat with a fascinating array of fictional characters, delivering unrestricted, genuine emotional interactions.

With an exciting selection of characters that are effortless to converse with, and offering premium options recommended by other users as well as well-known favorites, CrushonAI proves itself to be an outstanding alternative to mainstream character chatbot platforms.
CrushonAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2023.
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ยท Jun 14, 2023
no nsfw filter!

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Pros and Cons


Chat with favorite characters
Bypasses chat filters
Genuine emotional interactions
NSFW content available
Variety of character options
Character creation feature
User account system
Premium character options
User recommended characters
Engages with community
Social media presence
Character-themed conversation styles
Specific role characters (game, assistant)
Celebrity characters available
Animated characters available
Psychologist assistant character
Assistant for creative help
Text adventure game character
Recommendation section for characters
Diverse range in characters
Oriented towards different tastes
Community character contributions
Fictional character engagement
Community-based character rating
Easy dialogue initiation
Continuous conversation feature
Role-play scenarios
Popular characters availability
Well-known character favorites
Interactive and fun
Characters from popular media
Contextual and relevant responses
Character-specific dialogues
Unfiltered conversations
Taste-oriented character assortment
Engaging character choices
Personalized experience with accounts
New and recommended options
Distinct character categories
Simplistic user interface
Personal engagement with characters
Alter-ego character options
Match character to mood
Engagement on Reddit, Discord
Intimate text interactions
NSFW characterlications
Easy and varied searches
Real-time character chat
Multifaceted character personalities
Role-play enthusiasm encouraged


Filters needed
High emotional interactions
NSFW content
Distinct characters
Mild taste customization
Premium options necessary
Social media restrictions
Potential addictive
User suggestions influence content


What is CrushonAI?
How does CrushonAI work?
How can I create an account on CrushonAI?
What are the character options available to chat with on CrushonAI?
How does CrushonAI bypass filters?
How can I select my favourite character on CrushonAI?
Can I engage with characters as celebrities on CrushonAI?
How does CrushonAI offer NSFW interactions?
What are the top recommended characters by other users on CrushonAI?
What's the relationship between CrushonAI and Character.AI?
What is unique about CrushonAI?
What premium characters does CrushonAI offer?
How does CrushonAI ensure genuine emotional interactions with the chatbots?
How can I use CrushonAI for chatting with game characters?
Does CrushonAI offer any assistant bots to chat with?
Does CrushonAI have a presence on social media platforms?
What are some character categories available in CrushonAI?
Can I chat with animation characters on CrushonAI?
What are the privacy policies of CrushonAI?
How is my information used and stored in case I want to chat with a celebrity character?

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