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Boost your chat using external knowledge and MyScale database.
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Sample prompts:
Please give me some papers on GANs.
What is a Ring in mathematics? What property does it have?
Do you know papers on NeRF after 2021?
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MyScaleGPT is a specialized GPT designed to enhance the user's interactive chat experience by leveraging the external knowledge resources of ArXiv and Wikipedia along with the MyScale vector database.

It takes the form of an application developed on top of ChatGPT. Its unique ability lies in leveraging a rich, elaborative knowledge base to provide objective and extensive responses during the chat interaction.

The integration with ArXiv, a free distribution service and an open-access archive for scholarly articles, and Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, allows MyScaleGPT to provide responses that are scholarly, authoritative, and inclusive of prevailing knowledge.

To further enhance the depth and precision of its responses, this GPT also integrates the MyScale vector database. This allows MyScaleGPT to perform dimensional queries accurately, resulting in enhanced conversational experiences.

In addition, the tool's functionality also includes a feature for generating prompt starters for certain topics. Example prompts indicate its ability to provide detailed information on academic papers on specific topics, explain complex concepts in fields such as mathematics, and keep up to date with the latest research developments in specific areas.


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