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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI chatbot tool designed to alleviate the burden of answering repetitive customer queries for website owners. By documenting the required information once, enables personalized responses to be generated in seconds.

Acting as an AI sidekick, this tool offers a conversational chatbot experience for websites, allowing them to engage with users effectively.With the ability to embed a widget on any webpage, offers seamless integration with existing websites.

It provides options for customization, enabling users to tailor the chatbot's appearance and functionality according to their preferences. Furthermore, supports the addition of PDF files, text, and links within the chatbot interface, presenting a comprehensive solution for sharing a wide range of information.The tool offers different pricing tiers to accommodate various needs.

Starting from a free plan with limited message credits and branding, it progresses to higher tiers with increased message credits, the creation of multiple chatbots, and expanded character limits. also provides API access for further integration possibilities.Regarding privacy, assures users that their data is stored securely.

The FAQs section on the website addresses common queries related to the tool's features, customization options, language support, and more.Overall, empowers website owners to streamline their customer support processes and enhance user experience by providing an AI chatbot that quickly delivers personalized responses to commonly asked questions.

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