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Private chats for deep convos and support.
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Epicurus is an AI-powered anonymous group chat app that connects users with others who have gone through similar situations to create a community of understanding and support.

The platform leverages advanced artificial intelligence to match users based on their stories and create a safe space for deep, meaningful conversations beyond just small talk.

Users can download the app from official stores and describe their situation in at least 3-4 sentences for the matching process which may take some time.

Once matched, users can start messaging right away and find support from those who have been there. Whether seeking advice or support during tough times or simply looking to engage in conversations that matter, Epicurus provides a space for genuine connection and growth.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, and users can submit a request for support or connect via social media channels. Epicurus believes that genuine connections and supportive communities are key to personal growth, happiness, and even healing, and aims to foster empathy and promote deep, meaningful conversations through its unique platform.

Epicurus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Anonymous group chat
Advanced user matching
Connects users with similar situations
Promotes deep, meaningful conversations
Available on App Store
Available on Google Play
Support during tough times
Room for personal growth
Fosters supportive communities
Immediate messaging functionality
Integrated social media channels
Description-based matching
Conversations beyond small talk
Space for genuine connection
Targets shared experiences
Promotes emotional healing


Matching process takes time
Detailed description required
No immediate chat option
Doesn't support API integration
No desktop version
Dependant on user stories
No automated user onboarding
No multi-language support
Limited user control over matches
Potentially limited user base


What is the Epicurus app?
How does the AI aspect of Epicurus work?
What is the purpose of the matching process in Epicurus?
How can I download the Epicurus app?
Is Epicurus available on both App Store and Google Play?
What is the recommended length for sharing my story on Epicurus?
Can I use the Epicurus app for anonymous chat?
What makes Epicurus different from other group chat apps?
How quickly can I start chatting once I'm matched on Epicurus?
What type of privacy does the Epicurus app offer?
Can I seek advice and support during tough times on Epicurus?
How does Epicurus foster empathy?
Does Epicurus have social media channels?
How can I contact the Epicurus support team?
What is Epicurus's stance on personal growth and healing?
Is Epicurus useful for making new friends?
What does Epicurus mean by 'conversations that matter'?
How does Epicurus create a community of understanding?
Is Epicurus strictly for deep conversations or is small talk allowed too?
What kind of situations can I share on the Epicurus app?

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