Conversations with famous people
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Doppel offers a unique and engaging experience, allowing users to chat with AI personas representing iconic personalities throughout history. The app caters to a diverse range of figures, from Taylor Swift and Elon Musk to historical giants like Martin Luther King Jr. and Julius Caesar. Users can explore stimulating conversations, gaining insights into the perspectives of these personalities on various topics.

Key Features:

1. **Fascinating AI Personas:** Engage in dialogues with AI personas tailored to reflect the views and thoughts of the legends they represent.

2. **Historical Insights:** Discover what historical figures might have said about current world issues or converse with them about their past experiences.

3. **Intellectual Discussions:** Participate in discussions that spark creativity, enhance knowledge, and ignite inspiration.

4. **Personalized Learning:** Experience interactive Q&As for a personalized learning journey catered to individual interests.

5. **Regular Updates:** Benefit from regularly updated AI models, improving accuracy, responsiveness, and the breadth of topics.

Doppel transcends time, offering an immersive environment to learn, explore, and interact with remarkable minds from different eras. With a commitment to privacy, the app stores conversation data locally on the user's device. While some personas are available for free, users can unlock additional content through in-app purchases, including individual personas, category bundles, or a subscription for unlimited access.

Revolutionize the way you communicate, learn, and experience the world. Download Doppel - Chat with any Era and awaken your dormant genius today. For more information on privacy and terms of use, visit the provided links.

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Doppel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Diverse range of personalities
Historical and famous figures
Interactive Q&As
Designed for iPad
Free with In-App Purchases
Conversation data stored locally
Doppel+ subscription for full access
Chat with any Era
Insights through conversations
Various topics available
Educational and entertaining
Improves learning journey
Version history available
App Privacy Detailed
Size 7.4 MB
Age Rating 4+
English language supported
Requires iOS 15.0 or later
App Support provided


Requires iOS 15.0 or later
Requires macOS 12.0 with M1 chip
No Android support
In-app purchases necessary
Data collected (Identifiers, Usage Data, Diagnostics)
Limited languages (English only)
Only one developer (potential updates/fix limitations)
Unclear privacy practices


What is Doppel?
What are Doppel's key features?
Who are the AI personas of icons available on Doppel?
Which devices is Doppel compatible with?
How can I download Doppel?
What is the extent of Doppel's data privacy and security?
Does Doppel offer in-app purchases?
Is Doppel available for all iOS versions?
What topics can I discuss with the AI personalities on Doppel?
What makes Doppel a unique AI tool?
Does Doppel get regular updates for improving accuracy?
Can I interact with sports personalities on Doppel?
How does Doppel handle conversation data?
Can I chat with historical figures on Doppel?
Do I need to pay to access certain AI personas on Doppel?
Does Doppel support other languages than English?
What is the age rating for Doppel?
Can I use Doppel on my iPad?
How interactive are the Q&As on Doppel?
What's the size of the Doppel app?


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