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Generated content for social media and blogs.
Generated by ChatGPT

Collective Conscious by EvelynAI is a Telegram-based AI tool designed to assist users in creating text-based content such as tweets, posts, and blogs. The tool leverages GPT-3, an advanced language generation model, to generate text based on user input.

It is designed to help users engage with their communities by providing relevant and engaging content. To use it, users must download the Telegram app and join the Collective Conscious by EvelynAI group.

They can then DM @ninja_writer21 to begin using the tool. It is free to use and provides an easy and intuitive way for users to create content for their communities.


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EvelynAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free to use
Generates social media content
Generates blog content
Available on mobile
Generates engaging content
GPT-3 language model
Easy and intuitive use
Available on Telegram
User-oriented design
Community engagement focus
Supports text prompts
Low learning curve
Accessible anytime, anywhere
Supports various content types
Real-time content generation
Direct messaging feature
Content personalization
Target community-specific content
Open for all members
No installation required
No technical skills required


Only available on Telegram
Requires group membership
Initial setup requires DM
No multilingual support mentioned
Limited to text-based content
Potential privacy concerns
Dependent on GPT-3 availability
No mention of customization
May not handle multi-context queries
Uncertain response speed


What is the Collective Conscious by EvelynAI?
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How can I start using the EvelynAI bot?
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How do I join the Collective Conscious by EvelynAI group on Telegram?
Can EvelynAI generate content for my blog?
Can EvelynAI chatbot be used for generating tweets?
Is EvelynAI a free tool?
What capabilities does EvelynAI have?
How does EvelynAI utilize GPT-3?
What makes EvelynAI suitable for engaging with communities?
Is there a limit to the amount of content I can generate with EvelynAI?
What should I do if I encounter problems with EvelynAI?
Can I use EvelynAI to create content in languages other than English?
How effective is EvelynAI in generating engaging content?
Can EvelynAI help me answer questions from my community members?
Do I need to provide prompts to EvelynAI or will it generate content on its own?
Do I need to download the Telegram app to use EvelynAI?
What is @ninja_writer21 in relation to EvelynAI?
Does EvelynAI offer any functionalities other than content generation for social media and blogs?


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