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Crafting voice-enabled chatbots with tailored scripts.
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MyGPT is an AI tool for creating chatbots with fast, intuitive, and powerful features. It leverages GPT-4's power to explore fascinating possibilities through state-of-the-art voice recognition and customizable bots suited for personal needs.

The tool provides an intuitive interface via Telegram and also includes AI neural-based text-to-speech (TTS) for improved interaction. MyGPT offers ultra-responsiveness, helping users to build prompt and lively bots that take the stage effortlessly by tapping and typing.

Additionally, MyGPT provides personalized bots for various needs such as coding companions, attentive listeners, and business growth guidance. It features an open-source policy, meaning that users can check out its GitHub for workflows and scripts to start.

Its API allows developers to dive into limitless possibilities for personalization and clever hacks for tech-savvy power users. MyGPT has excellent customer support, ensuring that users get prompt and helpful assistance in case of glitches or feature requests.

Users can contact support via Telegram or email. The tool is available for a subscription fee of $19.99, which includes many goodies in the deal. Overall, MyGPT offers a powerful and intuitive way to create chatbots with customizable features and responsiveness.


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MyGPT Link was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Leverages GPT-4's power
State-of-the-art voice recognition
Customizable bots
Personalized bots for various needs
Features an open-source policy
API for developers
Excellent customer support
Support via Telegram and email
Subscription includes many goodies
Quick intro for new users
Neural-based text-to-speech
Interface via Telegram
Coding companion bot option
Business growth guidance bot
Workflows and scripts on GitHub
Allows personalization and tech hacks
Prompt assistance for glitches
Feature requests listened to
Easy activation via Telegram
Good for tech-savvy power users
Intuitive interface
Available for a reasonable fee


Subscription-based, not free
Main interface via Telegram
Relies on GPT-4 only
No multilingual support mentioned
Text-to-speech may lack clarity
Limited to personal use bots
Requires technical knowledge for API
Email and Telegram support only
No apparent enterprise solutions
Potentially steep learning curve


What is MyGPT?
How does MyGPT leverage the power of GPT-4?
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What makes MyGPT ultra-responsive?
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Can MyGPT create a personalized bot for my business?
Can I check MyGPT's open-source codes?
How does MyGPT's API benefit developers?
What personalized features can I access with MyGPT?
What is the cost of a MyGPT subscription?
How can I contact MyGPT customer support?
How can I use MyGPT with Telegram?
Is there a learning curve to using MyGPT?
What is the function of MyGPT's 'state-of-the-art voice recognition'?
What personal needs can MyGPT's bots cater to?
What features does the MyGPT subscription include?
How can I subscribe to MyGPT?
Is there a trial package for MyGPT?
What does 'GPT' stand for in MyGPT?


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