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Faster text creation with better voice input in ChatGPT.
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ChatGPT Microphone is a Google Chrome extension that enhances the ChatGPT experience by allowing users to add voice-to-text and shortcut snippets to their conversations.

It features a seamlessly integrated microphone button that converts speech to text accurately and quickly. Users can also insert custom phrases into conversations through time-saving "Shortcut Snippets" when they say their designated keywords.

The tool comes with a dark and light mode that perfectly matches ChatGPT's interface. ChatGPT Microphone is completely free and open-source, allowing users to contribute to its development by submitting pull requests or reporting bugs and issues via the GitHub Issues page.

The tool is specifically designed for compatibility with Google Chrome and does not support other Chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Opera, or Edge.

The developer of this tool has a privacy policy that states that they will not sell or transfer user data outside of approved use cases and that user data will not be used or transferred for purposes that are unrelated to the tool's core functionality.

Overall, ChatGPT Microphone is a useful tool for ChatGPT users who want to enhance their experience and improve their productivity by using voice-to-text and shortcut snippets.


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Pros and Cons


Free and open-source
Voice-to-text compatibility
Custom phrase insertions (Shortcut Snippets)
Dark/Light Mode
Compatible with Google Chrome
Privacy protection policy
Supports faster text creation
Comes with an integrated microphone
Allows user contributions (GitHub)
Ease of installation (Chrome extension)
Matches ChatGPT's interface design
Ability to report bugs/issues
Accurate speech-to-text conversion
Helps improve user productivity
Shortcut for voice-to-text (CMD/CTR + M)


Only compatible with Chrome
Doesn't support other Chromium-based browsers
No support for mobile devices
Depends on Google's Speech Recognition
User experiences might differ based on accents
Shortcut limitations
Lacks advanced customization options
Limited to only English language
Potential privacy concerns
No offline mode


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