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iPhone keyboard with writing assistance features.
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KAI | KeyboardAI is an AI tool that helps users write more efficiently and creatively through their iPhone keyboards. This tool is specifically designed for iPhone users, and it can be easily downloaded from the App Store.

Once downloaded, KAI | KeyboardAI enables users to access AI assistance directly from their keyboards. With this tool, users can improve their writing skills and enhance their efficiency by accessing AI-powered features such as auto-correction, word prediction, and auto-completion.

Additionally, KAI | KeyboardAI provides users with the ability to integrate with CHATGPT, a conversational AI model designed to engage in natural language conversations.

Using KAI | KeyboardAI can help users save time and create better quality content with minimal effort. The tool is particularly suitable for writers, bloggers, students, people with disabilities who find it hard to type, and anyone who wants to become more efficient and effective when writing.

KAI | KeyboardAI is a product of Akshat Giri, designed with love and attention to detail. Whether you are looking to improve your writing skills or just want to write faster and more easily on your iPhone, KAI | KeyboardAI is a useful AI tool to have in your arsenal.


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May 30, 2023
Hey I'm the creator of the app! Thanks for sharing. Happy to answer any questions or concerns :)

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Pros and Cons


Designed for iPhone users
Easily downloadable
Improves writing skills
Increases writing efficiency
Auto-correction feature
Word prediction feature
Auto-completion feature
CHATGPT integration
Saves time
Enhances content quality
Suitable for writers
Helpful for bloggers
Useful for students
Accessible for people with disabilities
Promotes faster writing
Encourages creative writing
Available on App Store
Useful for copywriting
Interaction with Chatbot


iOS only
Lack of Android support
No multi-language support
Limited to keyboard interface
No offline usage
Reduced privacy
Possible predictive errors
Dependent on ChatGPT integration
Potentially disruptive autocorrect
May require frequent updates


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Can KAI | KeyboardAI help improve my writing skills?
What is CHATGPT integration in KAI | KeyboardAI?
Is KAI | KeyboardAI suitable for writers and bloggers exclusively?
Can KAI | KeyboardAI assist people with disabilities in typing?
Who is the creator of the KAI | KeyboardAI?
Can KAI | KeyboardAI help me save time while writing?
Where can I find reviews or feedback about KAI | KeyboardAI?
How can I contact the team behind KAI | KeyboardAI for support?
In what ways can KAI | KeyboardAI help students?
Is there any cost associated with using KAI | KeyboardAI?
Where can I find more information about KAI | KeyboardAI?
How can KAI | KeyboardAI help me create better quality content?
Is KAI | KeyboardAI only available in English?
How can I add KAI | KeyboardAI to my iPhone's keyboard?

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