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ChatGPT in Google Sheets

Automated analysis and insights from Google Sheets data.
Generated by ChatGPT

ChatGPT in Google Sheets is a reporting and data analysis tool that enables users to leverage the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT 3 and ChatGPT 4 for generating automated insights and data-driven decisions directly within Google Sheets.

It is integrated with Two Minute Reports, a reporting tool that allows for data analysis and visualization in a spreadsheet environment. The primary benefit of using ChatGPT within Google Sheets is its ability to automate human-like insights, next best actions, recommendations, actions to take, and more from analyzing new data through ChatGPT.

Other benefits include accelerated insights, advanced predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, anomaly detection, text summarization, time series analysis, and association rule mining.

ChatGPT in Google Sheets is designed to optimize efficiency, save valuable time, and improve decision-making. It is ideal for agencies and marketing teams that need to generate insightful reports quickly and efficiently.

The solution is unique in that it is not restricted to a proprietary platform and can be integrated with various business intelligence (BI) platforms, including Google Sheets.

Additionally, Two Minute Reports offers automated reporting, allowing for scheduling of reports to be sent automatically to team members or clients. Overall, ChatGPT in Google Sheets is a powerful solution for data analysis and automation that simplifies the process of generating and sharing reports.


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Aug 2, 2023
unclear what is in, no trial

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Pros and Cons


Automated analysis in Google Sheets
Insight generation from data
Integration with Two Minute Reports
Advanced predictive analytics
Sentiment analysis capability
Anomaly detection feature
Text summarization tool
Time series analysis feature
Association rule mining feature
Optimizes efficiency and time
Improves decision-making
Not restricted to one platform
Compatible with various BI platforms
Automated reporting with scheduling
Can generate human-like insights
Automates insights and recommendations
Accelerates insights derivation
Not tied to proprietary platform
Supports integration with BI tools
Allows customization of reports
Connects with over 30+ marketing platforms
Compatible with Google Sheets
Capable of anomaly detection
Helps with sentiment analysis
Offer Predictive Analytics
Automated human-like recommendations
Ability to detect trends
Facilitates trend forecasting
Generates comprehensive text summaries
Optimizes resource allocation based on data
Uncovers variable relationships
Leverages GPT-4 capabilities
Used by 2000+ agencies
Recognized data analysis software
Highly rated by users
Streamlines decision making process
Offers customizable brand integration
Battle tested by numerous users
Better data integration


Limited to Google Sheets
No standalone application
Dependent on Two Minute Reports
No multi-language support
No iOS or Android apps
Limited data source integrations
No real-time collaboration features
No out-of-the-box templates
Potential compatibility issues with BI platforms
Dependent on GPT-4 capabilities


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