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Evaluates security of ChatGPT Plugins.
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Escape by SecureGPT is a tool that lets you scan your ChatGPT Plugin manifest to assess its security. It is a free tool that runs a dozen common security tests on a given OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin using its manifest.

With Escape, you can quickly assess the security of your OpenAI ChatGPT Plugins manifests and find and fix any bugs before production. Escape is currently working on a ChatGPT Security platform with CI/CD integration, performance & load testing, 50+ security tests, and more.

For organizations interested in building secure ChatGPT plugins, they can register for the waitlist and be the first to build secure ChatGPT Plugins with Escape.The Escapetech team is excited by the GPT revolution and is committed to creating Security Solutions developers love.

They also offer API Security services that help users find and fix bugs in their APIs before production. The Escape team can be contacted through mail, Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub.

In summary, Escape by SecureGPT is a tool designed to help users assess the security of their OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin manifest. It provides a dozen common security tests aimed at identifying and fixing bugs before production.

Additionally, Escapetech offers various API Security services that help developers ensure their APIs are secure.


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SecureGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free security tool
Scans ChatGPT Plugin manifest
Immediate security assessment
Identifies and fixes bugs
CI/CD integration
Performance & load testing
50+ security tests
Developers waitlist
API Security services
Various communication channels
Focused on GPT revolution
Plans for ChatGPT platform
Committed to developers' needs
In-production bug detection
API bug detection services
Pre-production security assurance
Helps build secure plugins


Specific to ChatGPT plugins
Limited number of tests
Waitlist for advanced services
Limited contact options
No explicit update policy
Relies on user registration
No mobile application
Confined to plugin manifests
Doesn't support direct API testing
No disclosed tech/customer support hours


What does SecureGPT do?
How does Escape evaluate the security of ChatGPT Plugins?
Is Escape by SecureGPT a free tool?
What are some of the common security tests that Escape runs?
Does Escape offer any features for organizations?
How can I contact the Escape tech team?
What is the upcoming ChatGPT Security platform?
What kind of API Security services does SecureGPT offer?
How does SecureGPT's tool help developers?
Is there a waitlist for the ChatGPT Security platform?
Does SecureGPT offer CI/CD integration?
What does it mean to scan a ChatGPT Plugin manifest?
Where is SecureGPT based?
Why is SecureGPT interested in the GPT revolution?
What is covered in the '50+ security tests'?
What kind of bugs can SecureGPT help to find and fix?
Where can I register for SecureGPT's waitlist?
What happens when I agree to SecureGPT's terms and conditions?
Can SecureGPT help with both performance and load testing?
What other security services does Escapetech offer?


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