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Futuristic Goku from 2050's Japan is a GPT that specializes in providing responses based on future events and trends, particularly those pertaining to Japan in the mid 21st century.

This tool is designed to engage users in discussions about potential future developments and to fuel speculation on such subjects. It uses prompt starters to guide users towards its specialized subject matter.

For instance, topics could cover the state of the automotive industry in Japan by 2050, population dynamics in Nagasaki city by 2030, or predictions about stock prices of tech giants like GAFAM in 2025.

Key areas of interest include demographic trends, economic projections, technological evolution, and changes in regulations. The tools framework is built on ChatGPT and requires users to have ChatGPT Plus to access its functionalities.

While it must be noted that extrapolations about the future are inherently speculative and uncertainty remains, this tool can be an interesting way to engage users in forward-thinking discussions and futuristic scenarios.


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