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Predictive analysis on Google Workspace data.
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PredictEasy is a no-code AI-based analytics platform available on the Google Workspace Marketplace that enables users to analyze, audit, preprocess, predict, and forecast data without requiring any coding knowledge.

The platform provides various analytical tools to help users better understand their data, including data preprocessing, model building, and data visualization tools.

One of the standout features is its powerful AutoML capabilities, which automates the process of selecting the best machine learning models for users' data.

This feature simplifies the process of building accurate predictions and forecasts and is useful for users with little or no expertise in machine learning.

In addition, PredictEasy includes auditing and describing tools to help users understand the characteristics of their data and identify any potential issues or biases.

This feature ensures that data is used ethically and fairly. PredictEasy is a comprehensive data analytics platform that offers a wide range of features and capabilities that can benefit data scientists, business analysts, and anyone who works with data regularly.

The tool is free of charge but currently offers paid features. The platform also requires access to the user's Google account to function correctly. PredictEasy is regularly updated by its developers, CleverInsight.

Users have praised the tool's ease of use and its ability to provide accurate analyses without requiring complex coding skills.


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PredictEasy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Google Workspace integration
Data preprocessing capabilities
Model building tools
Data visualization tools
AutoML capabilities
Auditing tools
Data descriptor functions
Identifies data biases
Ensures ethical data use
Beneficial to business analysts
Beneficial to data scientists
Offers free and paid features
Access to Google Account
Regular updates
Accuracy in predictions
Works with Google Sheets
Spreadsheet editing
Third-party content run capability
External service connection
Access to account email
Access to public personal info


Limited to Google Workspace
Requires Google account access
Lacks customization options
No-code may limit functionality
Accuracy depends on AutoML
Requires trust in unknown models
Requires good quality data
Lacks interoperability with non-Google tools
Steep learning curve for AutoML
Privacy concerns with Google access


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How regularly is PredictEasy updated?
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Can PredictEasy help me understand the characteristics of my data?
How can the PredictEasy auditing and describing tools help me?
What kind of machine learning models can PredictEasy select?
Does PredictEasy offer data visualization tools?
Do I need expertise in machine learning to use PredictEasy?
What issues or biases can PredictEasy's tools help me identify?
How can PredictEasy ensure that the data is used ethically and fairly?
Do all features of PredictEasy come free of charge?
How does PredictEasy integrate with Google Workspace?

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