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Arria NLG is a technology suite that offers natural language generation (NLG) solutions for various industries and business needs. NLG is the process of turning data into written or spoken language, providing operational efficiencies and cost-savings across the enterprise.

The technology suite provides different NLG product offerings that cater to specific industry expertise such as financial services, pharma, energy, quick-serve restaurants, and consumer research, among others.

It offers use cases by industry and business needs, including enterprise reporting, content automation, and community resources. Arria's NLG technology suite also provides NLG Studio and Arria Connect, which allows users to create and deploy customized NLG applications.

Moreover, the suite offers free trials and demos and provides resources such as product documentation, helpful tips and tricks, and NLG education for users.

The Arria culture emphasizes the importance of leadership and delivers its NLG solutions through a core team of experts and innovative patented technologies that offer various deployment options.

Overall, the Arria NLG technology suite provides a comprehensive and customized approach to natural language generation.


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Pros and Cons


Industry-specific product offerings
Operational efficiencies and cost-savings
Enterprise reporting capability
Content automation
Community resources support
Free trials and demos
Comprehensive NLG education
Customizable NLG applications
Innovative patented technologies
Various deployment options
Team of expert leaders
Specific industry expertise
Custom NLG applications
Expanded productivity
Multiple integration capabilities
Dedicated customer support
Helpful tips and tricks
Comprehensive product documentation
Robust writing automation capabilities
Comprehensive IDE
Advanced knowledge delivery
Machine speed communication
Dynamic & configurable tool
Automation of repetitive tasks
Impacts operational efficiencies
Saves significant time
Analytics in natural language
Real-time performance status
Inventory alerts
Advanced call center automation
Customer service in unique voice
Data analytics for sports
Real-time customer service automation
Powering digital storytelling
Immediate operational impact
Idea generation from data
Available for all major BI platforms
Data-led customer attraction and retention
Positive impact on business decisions
Computer vision for sport performance
Significant return on investment


Lack of transparency in pricing
Learning curve for industry specificity
Unclear integration with existing systems
Free trial duration unspecified
Limitations in language options
Possibility of biased data analysis
No clear data security measures
Unclear scalability for larger data sets
Lack of real-time support options
May require technical knowledge to operate


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