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Simplified data analysis for CSV and Excel.
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Datazom is a data analysis tool that allows users to easily analyze their CSV and Excel files. Powered by AI, it enables users to upload their files and ask questions about the data.

The tool offers an option to select how to handle missing values, such as NaN, NA, NULL, or null values, giving users the ability to impute these values to 0.

Datazom provides a user-friendly interface that includes drag and drop functionality or the option to select a file for upload. If needed, users can reload the page to replace the uploaded file with a new one.

Additionally, the tool supports the download of a test file and offers the source of the data, which is from the Men's Tennis Grand Slam Winner Dataset on Kaggle.To support continued development, users have the option to provide feedback through a feedback form and offer financial support via a PayPal link.

Datazom also provides links to its Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and a contact form for further inquiries.Overall, Datazom focuses on simplifying data analysis by providing an intuitive interface and leveraging AI capabilities.

It aims to assist users in exploring and understanding their data easily and effectively.


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Pros and Cons


Analyzes CSV and Excel files
Replaces missing values
Easy file upload
Drag and drop functionality
Page reload for file replacement
Test file download supported
Data source provided
Feedback form available
Option for financial support
Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links
Contact form provided
User-friendly interface
Simplify complex data analysis
Handles NaN, NA, NULL values


Only supports CSV and Excel
Missing values only imputed to 0
No data visualization options
Lacks API integration
No multi-file upload
No option for different imputation methods
Reloading page needed for new files
Dependent on sufficient internet connection
No real-time data processing
No standalone desktop app


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Can Datazom assist me in understanding my data?
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