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Translating your actions into step-by-step guides, videos, and screenshots.
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Dubble is an AI-driven documentation tool designed to automate the process of creating step-by-step guides, videos, and screenshots. As a user performs tasks on their computer, Dubble records these actions and translates them into comprehensive guides, which can be shared with other users or team members.

This tool provides an efficient solution for maintaining up-to-date documentation and eliminating the often tedious and time-consuming task of manually writing instructions.

The process is simple: record your actions, make quick edits as necessary, and share the resulting material with others. Furthermore, the guides can be easily integrated and edited in various platforms that support rich content or markdown.

The primary user groups of this tool include support, operations, and product teams aiming to create and maintain standardized best practices. Overall, Dubble is a user-friendly solution for those seeking to streamline their documentation process and ensure that written procedures or instructions remain relevant and accurate even as operations change over time.


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Mar 16, 2024
take Appreciate it David! I'd say we're "AI-in-progress" - lots of AI powered enhancements are in the works to take automated process documentation to the next level Useful? / Reply Share
Mar 15, 2024
Dubble is your go-to tool for effortless documentation creation. It automatically records your actions, turning them into clear guides, videos, and screenshots. Say goodbye to manual writing – simply record, edit, and share with your team. Perfect for support, operations, and product teams aiming for standardized best practices. Streamline your documentation process with Dubble!
Mar 15, 2024
Dubble makes creating guides and videos a breeze by automatically recording your actions. No more tedious manual writing – just record, edit if needed, and share with ease. Perfect for teams looking to streamline their documentation process!
Mar 14, 2024
Free chrome plugin did what was advertised first time and has quite powerful editing capabilities. Not sure it's really an AI though.
Mar 14, 2024
Appreciate it David! I'd say we're "AI-in-progress" - lots of AI powered enhancements are in the works to take automated process documentation to the next level

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Pros and Cons


Automates documentation creation
Creates step-by-step guides
Generates videos and screenshots
Records user actions
Translates actions into guides
Shares materials with teams
Supports quick edits
Integrates with various platforms
Supports rich content or markdown
Enables efficient documentation updates
Reduces manual instruction writing
Relevant for support teams
Suits operations teams
Helpful for product teams
Promotes standardized practices
Integrates with Chrome
Offers a free version
Helps in onboarding resources
Enables single-click sharing
Invites team co-editing
Supports copy-pasting guides
Allows for amendment of docs
Complements videos with instrunctions
Great for employee onboarding
Suitable for internal procedures
Supports customer support teams
Assists in software product guides
Supports 'How to's, guides
Enables screen recordings & screenshots
Caters to tutorial creation


Available only as Chrome extension
No mobile version
Possibly intrusive for user privacy
No mention of advanced editing
Bookmarks or annotation lack
No offline mode
Limited to computer tasks
Non-customizable recording settings
Integration with specific platforms unclear
Recognizing non-standard tasks unclear


What is Dubble and how does it work?
How does Dubble help in creating step-by-step guides?
Can Dubble record videos and take screenshots?
How can Dubble be beneficial for support teams?
What is the process to edit guides in Dubble?
How can Dubble help in maintaining up-to-date documentation?
How does Dubble translate actions into comprehensive guides?
What platforms are supported for the integration of Dubble guides?
Who are the primary users of Dubble?
Can Dubble help streamline documentation processes for operations teams?
What best practices can be maintained using Dubble?
Does Dubble support markdown?
How to share guides created in Dubble with others?
Is Dubble easy to use for new users?
How can product teams use Dubble to their advantage?
Can Dubble help in creating efficient documentation?
Can I edit existing screenshots in Dubble?
What type of content can be created using Dubble?
Is there a Chrome extension available for Dubble?
Can I integrate the guides created in Dubble with Google Docs or Notion?

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