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Instructional guide generation and collaboration.
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OpsBerry is an AI Copilot tool designed to transform a team's tribal knowledge into step-by-step instructional guides. With OpsBerry, users can convert Confluence articles into how-to guides by leveraging artificial intelligence.

These guides can then be instantly shared with team members and customers, facilitating efficient learning and knowledge transfer.OpsBerry offers various integrations, including a Chrome extension, Zendesk, Slack, Notion, and their web app, to generate unique and tailored how-to guides.

The tool provides a specialized AI-powered in-browser editor that enables users to quickly customize their guides according to specific requirements. OpsBerry also offers automatic recommendations and updates to keep the guides up to date.Collaboration is made easy with OpsBerry, as guides can be seamlessly shared with team members and consumers.

The tool supports syncing with favorite developer tools and allows collaborators to provide feedback and suggest improvements for the guides.OpsBerry offers different pricing plans to suit individual needs.

The Starter plan is free and includes features such as AI generations, privacy and access controls, personal and shared libraries, and email support. The Business plan, priced at $48 (annually) or $15 (monthly), offers additional features like unlimited exports, guide archiving, guide versioning, viewer insights, and password-protected guides.

The Enterprise plan, tailored for scaling teams, offers all the features of the Business plan along with SSO (SAML) and SCIM, custom AI generations, custom integrations, dedicated support, and more.Overall, OpsBerry is a powerful tool that enables teams to transform their tribal knowledge into easily understandable step-by-step instructions, optimizing knowledge sharing and collaboration within organizations.


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