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Chatbot for navigating and answering website inquiries.
Generated by ChatGPT

SiteGuide is an AI tool that helps website visitors by answering their questions and guiding them to the appropriate information on a website. This tool works by speaking with visitors and uses voice recognition to identify their queries.

At present, the tool is offered in the form of Site Guides that are trained on a specific website. Site Guides use industry-leading AI techniques to open the right information automatically using only the visitor's voice.

This tool can help website owners increase their customer base by providing solutions for users who have difficulties navigating a website. The Site Guide can alert website owners to gaps in their website content, and provide insights into what their customers are searching for.

By using Site Guide, website owners can ensure that their customers find what they are looking for quickly, instead of leaving out of frustration or confusion.

The tool is equipped with SMS integration, which allows website owners to respond to customers in real-time, helping to build rapport and customer loyalty.

Site Guide is more than just a chatbot, as it uses patent-pending AI technology, which can increase potential sales for businesses in addition to enhancing the user experience.


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SiteGuide was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Voice recognition feature
Trained on specific website
Detects website content gaps
Insights on customer searches
Real-time SMS integration
Increases potential sales
Website navigation aid
Increases customer base
Real-time query monitoring
Instant content-finding services
Website user adaptability


Requires voice interaction
Industry-specific training needed
Real-time monitoring needed
Limited to one website
No guarantee of accuracy
Relies on SMS integration
ChatGPT generates fictional responses
Alerts about missing content
May not suit visually-impaired
Potential confusion for dyslexic users


What is SiteGuide?
How does SiteGuide work?
What is the process for training Site Guides on a specific website?
How does Site Guide's voice recognition technology work?
Does SiteGuide use traditional chatbot algorithms or is it different?
How can SiteGuide help me identify gaps in my website content?
What benefits can I get from using the SiteGuide tool?
Does SiteGuide need to be installed on my website?
What advantages does SiteGuide's AI technology have over other AI tools?
Can SiteGuide really respond to customer's inquiries in real time?
How does SiteGuide integrate with SMS?
Does SiteGuide help increase my potential sales?
Does SiteGuide work 24/7?
Does the SiteGuide chatbot also handle customer inquiries via voice?
How accurate is the information provided by SiteGuide?
Can SiteGuide help customers who aren't technically confident?
What makes SiteGuide different from ChatGPT?
How can I add a SiteGuide to my website?
Can I see the questions and answers provided by SiteGuide in real time?
Does SiteGuide have a feature for responding to customers immediately via SMS?

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