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Cognitive support and self-service platform.
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SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform designed to enhance customer support and self-service experiences. It offers various features including enterprise search, insights engine, and AI-powered apps.

The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to enable businesses to provide better customer support and improve self-service capabilities.SearchUnify's platform includes multiple components such as connectors, artificial intelligence, LLM integrations, search analytics, search tuning, security, and faceted search.

These features help organizations optimize their search functionality and gain valuable insights from search data.SearchUnify offers solutions for various use cases including support, self-service, communities, knowledge management, knowledge-centered service, customer success, marketing, fraud detection, HR, and intelligent digital experiences.

This wide range of solutions caters to different industries such as banking, e-commerce, education, healthcare, high tech, insurance, learning and training, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals and life sciences.The platform also offers a range of products to enhance search capabilities, including Cognitive Search, SUVA (SearchUnify Virtual Assistant), Knowbler (Knowledge Enabler), Escalation Predictor, Agent Helper, and Community Helper.

These products leverage AI technologies to provide intelligent search, virtual assistant functionality, and predictive capabilities.SearchUnify provides a resource center with e-books, webinars, videos, and success stories to help businesses learn more about the platform and its capabilities.

Overall, SearchUnify aims to empower organizations with powerful AI tools to improve customer support, enhance self-service options, and gain valuable insights from their search functionality.


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SearchUnify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhanced customer support
Improved self-service capabilities
Enterprise search functionality
Insights Engine
Connectors for unifying data
LLM integrations
Search analytics
Search tuning features
Security measures
Faceted search
Wide use case coverage
Industry-specific solutions
Cognitive Search product
SUVA virtual assistant
Knowbler (Knowledge Enabler) product
Escalation Predictor
Agent Helper
Community Helper
Comprehensive resource center
Multiple integration options
Support for different platforms
Intelligent digital experiences
Fraud detection solutions
Customer success solutions
Enhanced search functionality
Predictive capabilities
Automated workflows
Real-time analytics
Personalized customer service
Improved findability of information
Proactive support
Optimized search functionality
Boosts community engagement
Bridge content gaps
Improves customer retention
Expedited support processes
Increased operational efficiency
Best in- breed applications
Resource center for learning
Integrates with multiple platforms
Supports multiple industries
Quantifies customer support KPIs
Proactive decision making tools
Reduced TTV across KCS journey
Unified Cognitive Platform
Bridges content gaps
Propels knowledge consumption
Develops proactive workflows


No voice chat integration
No bot personalization options
Unspecified performance in multilingual environments
No explicit integration with CRM
Limited analytics visualization capabilities
Potential complexity due to wide range
No included translation services
Unspecified scalability
Requires cookie consent
No explicit pricing structure


What is SearchUnify?
What is the purpose of the SearchUnify platform?
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How does SearchUnify use artificial intelligence?
What industries does SearchUnify cater to?
What are the components of the SearchUnify platform?
What are SearchUnify's solutions for use cases?
What are the different products offered by SearchUnify?
How does SearchUnify enhance search capabilities?
What types of resources does SearchUnify provide?
How does SearchUnify improve customer support?
What is Knowbler in SearchUnify?
What is the Escalation Predictor in SearchUnify?
How can I use SearchUnify for HR use case?
Does SearchUnify offer solutions for Healthcare sector?
What is SearchUnify's AI-powered Virtual Assistant?
What is meant by 'faceted search' in SearchUnify?
What security features does SearchUnify offer?
How does SearchUnify assist in fraud detection?
How does SearchUnify support the education sector?

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