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Automated empathetic customer support operations.
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Hyperlight is an AI tool designed to automate customer support operations. It offers enterprise-grade AI agents that are capable and empathetic, meaning they can interact with customers intelligently and in a way that understands their needs.

The tool allows for communication across voice, chat, and email, replacing traditional chatbots.One of the strengths of Hyperlight is its reliability and capability.

The AI agents are deeply integrated into support systems, enabling them to navigate like humans. They provide personalized and empathetic responses, making the interaction feel human, which customers appreciate.Hyperlight emphasizes scalability, with a fleet of agents that can meet any support volume.

It also offers customization for different industries, including e-commerce, financial services, and insurance. For e-commerce, the AI agents can check orders, process returns, and recommend items.

In financial services, they assist with managing cards, billing, and product recommendations. In the insurance sector, the agents help customers file claims and explain complex coverage policies.The tool is developed by a team with strong backgrounds in computer science and related fields, with members who have worked on research and engineering projects at prestigious institutions like Yale, Instagram, Snorkel AI, and Actively.Hyperlight aims to drive efficiencies in customer support operations and offers a way to enhance support across industries.


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Hyperlight was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates customer support
Voice, chat, and email communication
Replaces traditional chatbots
Deep system integration
Personalized customer responses
Scalable agent fleet
Industry-specific customization
E-commerce support capabilities
Financial services support capabilities
Insurance sector support capabilities
Product recommendations
Order checking
Return processing
Card management support
Billing assistance
Help with insurance claims
Complex policy explanation
Developed by experienced science team


Lacks human oversight
Not multi-lingual
Limited customization options
Doesn't support self-learning
No third-party integration
Performance dependent on data
Limited industry support
No offline capabilities
Absence of user community
Dependent on quality of data


What is Hyperlight?
How does Hyperlight work?
What makes Hyperlight different from other customer support AI tools?
How does Hyperlight handle voice, chat, and email communications?
What industries can benefit from using Hyperlight?
What tasks can Hyperlight perform in the e-commerce industry?
What kind of support can Hyperlight provide in financial services?
In what ways can Hyperlight assist customers in the insurance sector?
Who are the developers behind Hyperlight?
What is the background and experience of the Hyperlight development team?
How does Hyperlight aim to improve customer support operations?
What is meant by 'enterprise-grade AI agents'?
How are Hyperlight agents integrated into support systems?
How does Hyperlight handle scalability and high support volume?
Can Hyperlight replace traditional chatbots?
What makes Hyperlight's customer interaction 'empathetic'?
How customizable is Hyperlight?
Is Hyperlight useful for small businesses as well as large enterprises?
How reliable is Hyperlight?
Can Hyperlight's AI agents recommend products?

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