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Custom chatbot builder for website and WhatsApp support.
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ChatbotGen is an AI chatbot builder that enables users to create custom ChatGPTs for websites and WhatsApp without the need for coding. With ChatbotGen, users can link their websites, upload documents, or add Questions & Answers to build their chatbot.

The interface can be customized with brand colors, logo, and text. The tool boasts over 100,000 happy conversations and offers a free trial without the requirement of a credit card.The generated chatbots can be integrated with both websites and WhatsApp through the use of a widget or a direct link to the chatbot page.

ChatbotGen utilizes the gpt-3.5-turbo language model developed by OpenAI, enabling the generation of intelligent and contextually aware responses.Users have various options for providing information to their chatbots, including uploading PDF files, linking to their websites, adding common questions and answers, and editing previous chatbot responses.

ChatbotGen supports approximately 95 languages, allowing users to train their chatbots in any language and receive responses accordingly.The tool offers a free plan with limitations on training data, allowing users to test its capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Additionally, team members can be invited to collaborate on the dashboard.Overall, ChatbotGen provides an intuitive and code-free solution for building customized chatbots for customer support on websites and WhatsApp, empowering businesses to automate and scale their support services effectively.


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ChatbotGen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Custom chatbot builder
Supports website integration
Supports WhatsApp integration
No coding required
Uses gpt-3.5-turbo model
Upload documents for training
Can link websites for training
Supports FAQ training
Customizable interface
Logo and text customizations
100,000+ happy conversations
Free trial, no credit card
Multi-language support (95 Languages)
Edit previous chatbot responses
Invitation option for team collaboration
Widget for bot integration
Direct chatbot page link
Branding customization options
Ability to parse PDFs
Collaborative dashboard
Contextually aware responses
Free plan available
Live demo of chatbots
Automate and scale support
Training with websites or documents
Web and WhatsApp bots
Changed bot response based on history
Crawl website for link collection
Conversational context understanding
FAQ section for understanding


Limited free plan
Functionality tied to website sitemap
Possible language inaccuracies
Requires manual chatbot responses revision
Dependent on gpt-3.5-turbo model
Potential issues with team collaboration
Limited customization options
Not fully code-free
Heavy reliance on external documents
Limited integration options (Only WhatsApp and websites)


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How does ChatbotGen integrate with websites and WhatsApp?
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How can I train my chatbot using ChatbotGen?
In how many languages can I train my chatbot using ChatbotGen?
Does ChatbotGen require a credit card for the free trial?
What limitations does the free plan of ChatbotGen have?
Can I invite my team members to ChatbotGen's dashboard?
Can the chatbots generated by ChatbotGen understand conversation context?
How can I share my ChatbotGen chatbot on my website?
How can I change the chatbot's colors, logo, and text to match my brand using ChatbotGen?
Can I test ChatbotGen's capabilities before committing to it?
How can I use ChatbotGen to automate my customer support?
Does ChatbotGen offer the option to add commonly asked questions and answers?
How can I use the ChatGPT utility for my website or WhatsApp?
Is coding required to use ChatbotGen?
What is the customer feedback for ChatbotGen?
What platforms can the chatbots made by ChatbotGen integrate with?

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