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Slack support with categorization & collaboration.
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Unthread is an AI-powered support tool designed to help companies provide customer support directly within Slack. It acts as a Slack inbox, transforming support requests into prioritized tickets with assignments and SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

With Unthread, support teams can assign ownership of incoming messages, view assignments within Slack, and close them out to reach inbox zero. The tool also enables faster response times and resolutions by prioritizing important messages, allowing collaboration with colleagues, and escalating conversations when desired resolution times are breached.Unthread utilizes AI technology to automatically categorize various types of messages, such as bugs, feature requests, and greetings.

Users can add their own tags for roadmap planning and prioritization. Additionally, the AI suggests responses to support representatives based on common customer requests.The tool offers integrated solutions entirely within Slack, including automated message assignment, triaging, escalation, collaboration, education, and performance tracking.

Unthread supports seamless integration with popular tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Linear, and Asana.Unthread caters to various industries, such as FinTech, Infrastructure SAAS, HR Tech, Agencies, Open Source, and Productivity Tools.

It aims to increase transparency, reduce risk, provide top-tier support, and build closer relationships with customers through direct communication channels.Unthread offers different pricing plans with varying features and capabilities, starting from a free version for basic conversation tracking, dynamic message assignment, and unlimited messages.

The tool also provides a 14-day free trial for startups and growth plans, offering additional features like mass email outbound, custom integrations, single sign-on, and unlimited users and channels.Overall, Unthread streamlines and automates customer support processes within Slack, improving efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction.


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Unthread was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports Slack-based customer service
Transforms requests into prioritized tickets
Includes assignment and SLA features
Allows ownership assignment of messages
Supports collaboration within Slack
Prioritizes important messages
Automatically categorizes various messages
Suggests responses to customer requests
Seamless integration with popular tools
Serves various industry sectors
Multiple pricing plans
Offers 14-day free trial
Supports mass email outbound
Provides single sign-on feature
Allows HRIS integration
Unlimited user and channel support
Automates customer support processes
Supports conversation tracking
Dynamic message assignment
Tracks response time analytics
Unlimited message capacity
Inbox access in Slack
Inbound email relay
Integrated solution within Slack
Automatic message assignment based on parameters
Message triaging capability
Automated conversation escalation
Facilitates real-time collaboration
Provides customer support education
Tracks customer NPS
Dedicated account representative
Increases transparency and reduces risk
Supports Open Source communities
Enhances customer relationships
Supports faster product feedback loops
Reduces churn with customer SLAs
Top-tier infrastructure customer support
In-app live chat support


No offline mode
Only integrated within Slack
Limited free version features
Limited availability of integrations
No mobile app
No multilingual support
No telephone customer support
Requires separate tools for HRIS
No on-premise version
Dependent on Slack's performance


What is Unthread?
How does Unthread work with my existing Slack channels?
What is the AI technology in Unthread used for?
Is Unthread compatible with other tools like Salesforce and Hubspot?
What industries can benefit from Unthread?
What are the different pricing plans offered by Unthread?
How does Unthread prioritize messages for faster response times?
Can support teams assign ownership of incoming messages with Unthread?
How does Unthread aid in achieving inbox zero?
Does Unthread allow collaboration within Slack?
What sort of tags can users add for roadmap planning and prioritization with Unthread?
In what ways does Unthread enhance customer satisfaction?
What additional features are offered in Unthread’s startup and growth plans?
Does Unthread offer a free trial?
How does Unthread help in reducing risk?
How does Unthread assist in building closer relationships with customers?
Can Unthread escalate conversations when desired resolution times are breached?
What kind of support does Unthread provide for bug reports and feature requests?
Does Unthread facilitate live in-app chat?
Can you track average response times, resolution times, SLA violations, and even customer NPS with Unthread?


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