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Gladly's new AI and automation platform, Sidekick, revolutionizes customer service by enabling personalized self-service. Sidekick works together with Gladly Hero, their people-centered platform for agent-assisted customer service.

The platform was developed after acquiring Thankful, an AI and automation solution for customer self-service. This acquisition has allowed Gladly to bring AI and automation to the forefront of customer service.Unlike AI solutions lacking a deep customer focus, Sidekick aims to engage and care for customers rather than deflecting them.

It recognizes that AI needs to be applied with an understanding of a brand's unique needs, voice, and content to avoid frustrating customers. Gladly believes that to build customer loyalty, customer service must be both people-centered and AI-powered.Sidekick utilizes generative AI and no-code automation to provide scaled and personalized customer self-service through Self Service Threads.

It goes beyond answering common customer service questions and can execute transactions like managing returns or processing exchanges. Sidekick aims to resolve customer issues rather than just responding to them, ensuring a smooth and positive experience.Real-life examples of Sidekick's application include Crate & Barrel streamlining routine requests like returns or exchanges and matching customers to specific service agents based on live context.

Bombas reduces the workload on their Customer Happiness Team by enabling customers to self-service basic tasks and questions.Gladly's mission is to empower businesses to deliver radically personal experiences, putting the customer at the center of everything they do.

With investments in generative AI and the acquisition of Thankful, Sidekick embodies their commitment to this mission.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized self-service
Works with Gladly Hero
No-code automation
Executes transactions
Customer issue resolution
Streamlines routine tasks
Matches customers to agents
Reduces agent workload
Integration with Thankful
Self Service Threads
People-centered platform
Agent efficiency improvement
Improves agent writing responses
Unifies self-service and direct service
Personalization without breaking budget
Produces loyal brand advocates
Real-time conversation summary
Decreases customer-agent interaction
Empowers businesses for personal experiences
Helps customers self-help
Ensures maintenance of brand voice
Increases average order values
Boosts frequency of purchases
Facilitates business growth
Partners since 2020
Streamlined agent response system
Introduced due to Thankful acquisition


No multilingual support
Limited transactions automation
Requires high brand-voice understanding
No proactive customer engagement
Relies heavily on pre-existing data
Brand-specific customization required
Unspecified scalability capabilities


What is Gladly Sidekick?
How does AI automation factor into the functionality of Gladly Sidekick?
Can Gladly Sidekick manage transactions such as handling returns or exchanges?
How does Gladly Sidekick differ from other AI customer service solutions?
What type of AI technology powers Gladly Sidekick?
Is Gladly Sidekick suitable for any business size or type?
What is the relationship between Gladly Sidekick and Gladly Hero?
Does Gladly Sidekick offer personalized customer self-service?
How can Gladly Sidekick help improve a company's customer service efficiency?
What are some examples of companies successfully using Gladly Sidekick?
Does Gladly Sidekick work together with other Gladly products?
Can Gladly Sidekick help save costs for my business?
Is implementing Gladly Sidekick a complex process?
How does Gladly Sidekick handle customer inquiries?
Can Gladly Sidekick assist in streamlining routine requests like returns or exchanges?
What impact has the acquisition of Thankful had on Gladly Sidekick development?
What are Self Service Threads in Gladly Sidekick?
How does Gladly Sidekick aid in building customer loyalty?
In what ways does AI power Gladly Sidekick's Personalized Self-Service feature?
Does Gladly Sidekick offer any integration with other tools?

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