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Created intelligent chatbots for customer support.
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The Bothatch tool allows users to create their own custom chatbots using AI and GPT technologies with no coding required. The process is relatively simple, with three straightforward steps to complete.

First, users upload their documents or data into the system for the chatbot to be trained on, allowing their chatbot to become uniquely theirs. Then, users can perform some direct chats on the platform, leveraging its conversational capabilities using ChatGPT.

After training and testing, the bot is ready to interact and can be integrated into websites, WordPress blogs, Shopify e-shops, or other digital platforms.

This allows the AI to provide instant, intelligent responses to customer queries, around the clock, reflecting the best of the brand. The power of advanced AI training methods makes uploaded data the foundation of the chatbot's knowledge, allowing it to engage in meaningful and productive conversations.

Bothatch is specially designed to benefit any kind of business, whether a small business owner aiming to improve customer service or a large enterprise looking to scale customer interactions.

Its performance, advertisement, and analytical metrics are analyzed to provide customized interactions that boost customer engagement and automate routine tasks.

Bothatch offers a free plan for users to test out the platform, and simple per chatbot instance pricing is available for teams and companies of all sizes.


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Pros and Cons


No coding required
Custom chatbot creation
Uses GPT technologies
Application to varied businesses
Integration into websites
Integration into WordPress blogs
Integration into Shopify e-shops
24/7 intelligent customer support
Data driven chatbot knowledge
Performance and analytical metrics
Customized customer interactions
Routine task automation
Free plan available
Affordable pricing plans
Easy three-step process
ChatGPT powered conversations
User-friendly interface
Easy Drag-n-drop setup
Training on your data
Private bot access
Unlimited documents for Business plan
Public bot access via custom URL
Site and communication platforms integrations
Pay-as-you-go extra messages option


Limited document upload capacity
Limited data storage
Limited messages per month
No dedicated mobile app
Relies heavily on document data
Lacks advanced analytical tools
Specifically designed for English data
Limited to certain digital platforms
Could have privacy concerns
Dependency on ChatGPT


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