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Build and launch your own GPT chatbot builder in under 30 minutes.
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Unicorn Hatch is a tool providing businesses and agencies with the capability to build and launch their own SaaS GPT chatbot application. The tool utilizes Generative AI to provide customer support services, aimed at improving conversion rates and reducing overheads by automating lead generation and customer support.By leveraging the Unicorn Hatch tool, businesses can create guided flows, automate answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and integrate workflows seamlessly.

While mainly intended for agencies, this tool can be useful for SEO, web and marketing agencies and consultants. For agencies, the Unicorn Hatch provides a new revenue stream by offering cross-selling to existing clients and generating new sales leads.

The tool features an automated billing system and a client management dashboard for efficient handling of client accounts and chatbots.Agencies can leverage the visual flow builder to streamline chatbot creation process.

This functionality allows users to connect conversations by dragging and dropping nodes. Custom forms can be integrated into chatbots to automate lead generation and customer support processes.

Plus, they can add a help centre directly in the chatbot to optimise the customer support experience.Unicorn Hatch can help businesses improve customer engagement, conversion rates and automate customer support - all facilitated by chatbot integration.

For clients, the tool is able to handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously, perform repetitive tasks automatically, and provides a platform to engage potential customers, thus leading to increased lead generation.

The Unicorn Hatch allows integration with favorite platforms and website builders. It is designed to be easy to use, requiring no coding skills, and can be set up in a few simple steps.


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Pros and Cons


Build own SaaS chatbot
Automated customer support
Efficient lead generation
Seamless workflow integration
Suitable for agencies
New revenue streams
Automated billing system
Client management dashboard
Visual flow builder
Custom forms integration
Help centre in chatbot
Can handle multiple interactions
Perform repetitive tasks automatically
Potential customer engagement
Integration with favourite platforms
No coding skills required
Can setup in minutes
Optimized conversion rates
White Label services
Creates recurring revenue
Agencies dashboard
Drag & drop nodes
For SEO, web & marketing agencies
Automate FAQs
Supports branded GPT-powered chatbot
Optimises customer support experience
Generates Online Sales
Marketing automation offered
Cross-sell to existing clients
Generate new sales leads
GPT Powered Customer Support
Up to 80% engagement rates
Automated monthly client billing
Interactive forms for lead generation
Automate repetitive queries
Add seamless customer support experience
Improves client engagement
Integrates with preferred platforms
Supports multiple website builders
Enables improved conversion rates
Automated workflow automation
Streamlines chatbot creation
Generates leads efficiently
Auto handles customer interactions
Simple setup process
Helps launch in under 30 minutes
Visual interface for conversation nodes
Multi-client management
Automates client billing with Stripe
Improves online conversion rates


Limited platform integrations
No coding customizability
Potential inaccuracy in FAQs
Complex drag and drop
Limited to SaaS chatbot
Billing linked to Stripe
No multilingual support
No stated data protection
Chatbots may feel impersonal


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