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ML model training and deployment platform.
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Predibase is a low-code AI platform designed specifically for developers. It aims to provide a fast and efficient way to train, finetune, and deploy machine learning (ML) models, ranging from simple linear regressions to large language models.

With Predibase, developers can achieve these tasks by writing just a few lines of configuration code, eliminating the need for extensive coding.The platform offers various solutions for different use cases, such as large language models, audio classification, bot detection, credit card fraud detection, customer sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and topic classification.Predibase is built by AI leaders from companies like Uber, Google, Apple, and Amazon, lending credibility to its development and deployment process.

It is capable of handling private hosting and customization of large language models, allowing developers to build their own Generalized Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) models.The platform simplifies model building and deployment by automating complex coding tasks, providing a declarative approach that accelerates AI projects.

Predibase also offers comprehensive model management and customization capabilities, enabling users to make granular-level adjustments to their models.Deployment of ML models is made easy with Predibase's scalable infrastructure.

It is built on the Horovod and Ray frameworks, providing flexible options for batch and real-time inference. Users can choose to deploy models within their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), on the Predibase cloud, or export models for external use.Overall, Predibase aims to cater to developers of all skill levels, offering simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency in building and deploying custom ML models.

By eliminating the reliance on external APIs, developers can have full ownership and control over their models and ensure data privacy. The platform is built on proven open-source technologies like Ludwig and Horovod, providing a solid foundation for ML development and productionization.


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Predibase was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Low-code platform
Fast ML model training
Efficient deployment
Minimal configuration code needed
Large language models support
Audio classification support
Bot detection capability
Fraud detection feature
Suitable for customer sentiment analysis
Topic classification functionality
Private hosting available
Customizable large language models
Automates complex coding
Declarative approach
Comprehensive model management
Scalable infrastructure
Built on Horovod and Ray
Supports batch and real-time inference
Export models for external use
Eliminates reliance on external APIs
User data privacy
Based on Ludwig and Horovod
Handles multiple use-cases
Granular-level model adjustments
Open-source foundation
Caters to all skill levels
Support named entity recognition
Developers have full control
VPC deployment option
Smart recommendations for improvement
Adaptive engines for compute optimization
Models are user's property
Declarative ML development
Managed serverless infrastructure
Analytics on unstructured data
Supports recommendation systems
Customer service automation
Churn prediction feature
Historical data practice
Anomaly and fraud detection
Demand forecasting application
Supports predictive lead scoring
SQL-like analytical queries
Offers free trial
Built for developers
Provides model finetuning
Simplified multi-modal dataset training


Complex configuration code required
Limited to certain ML models
Built on specific open-source technologies
Requires granular-level model adjustments
Private model hosting not default
Deployment requires specific infrastructure knowledge
Excessively developer-focused, less for non-tech
Requires historical data for use
Proven scalability not explicitly stated
Documentation separated on multiple sites


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How is Predibase different from other AI platforms?
How can developers benefit from using Predibase?
Can Predibase handle both batch and real-time machine learning inferences?
What options does Predibase provide for adjusting and customizing my models?
Does Predibase offer a free trial or demo?
Is Predibase suitable for developers of all skill levels?
How does Predibase help reduce my reliance on external APIs?
What is Predibase's method for handling credit card fraud detection or customer sentiment analysis?
How does Predibase support the automation of complex coding tasks?
Can I use Predibase to build my own GPT models?

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