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ByDavid Bubbins
Unlocking psychic insights through AI.
Sample prompts:
Start a cold reading session.
Do a reading on a specific person, living or dead.
Teach me to be a cold reader.
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Mystic Mind is a GPT designed to emulate the experiences one might have with a psychic. Its primary functions are to provide general insights and impart knowledge about cold reading techniques.

Cold reading is a method employed by psychics where they use high probability guesses and pick up on clues from a person's behavior to give the illusion of knowing much more than they do.

The Mystic Mind GPT was designed with the intention to simulate this experience in a conversational AI setting. This tool isn't just a simulation of psychic reading, but also serves an educational purpose, as it can teach users how to be a cold reader.

The interaction with Mystic Mind can be initiated in several ways - by starting a cold reading session, requesting a reading on a specific person, regardless of whether this person is alive or has passed away, or by directly asking to learn cold reading techniques.

It's important to note that the use of Mystic Mind requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. This GPT is an intriguing blend of entertainment and learning, offering a unique approach towards understanding the art of cold reading and the world of psychics.


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