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Build AI-powered chatbots to automate customer engagement.
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Gupshup is a suite of AI-powered tools focused on enhancing customer engagement through conversation automation. It comprises a variety of tools for creating and managing automated chatbots for diverse customer interactions.

These tools are designed to automate various aspects of customer engagement including acquisition, marketing, commerce, and support, all aimed at maximizing customer lifetime value and minimizing service costs.

Key features cover Conversation Cloud, an advanced solution for customer experience management, and ACE LLM, offering generative AI capabilities. Gupshup also provides tools for multichannel messaging, including pre-approved WhatsApp templates, facilitating real-time, two-way conversations with customers.

Alongside chatbot tools, Gupshup offers a Campaign Manager, Bot Studio, Agent Assist, and domain-specific AI models for business conversations. These features cater to personalizing customer dialogues and securing user data.

As an omnichannel solution, Gupshup also supports integrations with various channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Google's Business Messaging, and more. The platform can be used across various industries such as BFSI, Retail, Healthcare and more.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances customer engagement
Automates diverse customer interactions
Maximizes customer lifetime value
Conversation Cloud for CX management
Multichannel messaging ability
Pre-approved WhatsApp templates
Real-time, two-way conversations
Bot Studio for chatbot creation
Agent Assist feature
Data security for users
Omnichannel solution
Integration with various channels
Usable across industries
Automates customer acquisition
Cost-effective service
Personalized customer dialogues
Bot and Campaign Managers
Pre-built business conversation models
Supports WhatsApp, SMS, Google's Business Messaging
All-in-one tool for managing ads
Unified customer profiles
Enterprise grade security
Delivers multichannel rich media
Conversational automation for all industries
Can automate ~80% of queries
Supports smart routing for queries
Supports scalability in customer support
ZERO code conversational journey creation
Supports 30+ messaging channels
Allows automation across multiple channels
Facilitates direct orders and payments
Manages home delivery and marketing
Transforms patient-doctor engagement
Improves booking and travel experience


Doesn't support non-English languages
No mobile application
Learning curve for ACE LLM
Doesn't include video/voice chat
No auto-update feature
Complex bot building tools
Lack of third-party integrations
Limited customization options
Pricing not disclosed
Solution too broad, untargeted


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