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Voyado is a platform used to manage and analyze user data to facilitate brand management and improve customer engagement. One of its core functionalities revolves around controlling user data through various technologies, including cookies.

The technologies employed serve different purposes which may be functional, statistical, or marketing. Functional technologies are used to activate basic functions such as page navigation and accessing secure website areas.

Statistically, Voyado collects and reports information about visitor interactions to understand user behavior and meet individual needs. Furthermore, it enables the integration of third-party platforms on the website and supports the sites technical functions.

The platform also uses analytics tools, like Piwik Pro and Loom, to collect information about users and their activities on the website, useful for reporting and analytical purposes.

Users have control over their data and have the ability to consent to the specific types of data collection methods used. These methods make it possible to personalize the website to increase functionality and user satisfaction.


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Pros and Cons


User data management
Analyzes user data
Improves customer engagement
Uses various technologies
Page navigation functionality
Accessing secure website areas
Understanding user behavior
Integration of third-party platforms
Supports technical site functions
Uses analytics tools
Website personalization
User data control
Facilitates data consent
Functional, statistical, marketing purposes
Features Piwik Pro and Loom
Visitor interaction reports
Brand management support
Detailed cookie information
Supports website's technical functions
Statistics for user activity
Marketing cookies for ad targeting
Data privacy emphasis
Targeted online marketing support
Integration with LinkedIn, HubSpot
Embedded video players
Analytics and reporting via Typeform
Embedded YouTube, Vimeo videos
Integration with Microsoft, Bing
Collects site analytics
Session-based data collection
Year-long cookie expiry for some services
Allows user consent withdrawal
Supports language or region preferences
SidePanda Technologies Private Limited Integration


Reliance on cookies
Multiple third-party integrations
Data sharing with partners
Potential privacy concerns
Potential inaccurate analytics
Reliance on user consent
Multiple data collection methods
Dependency on marketing cookies
Limited operational transparency
Potentially intrusive for users


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