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Conversational AI platform for customer service automation.
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alphachat is a conversational AI platform targeted at customer service automation. It utilizes Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to deliver tailored answers and improve the efficiency of customer service operations.

The platform can be quickly set up and launched, allowing users to serve their customers efficiently and reduce the workload of their agents. It comes with an AI chatbot, pre-trained in all languages, that handles FAQ's, thereby freeing up the agents time to focus on more complex issues.

The bot operates 24/7, offering service in any language and has an intelligent self-service system built-in that uses intent detection to give accurate answers.

alphachat also enables users to connect with their CRM and backend data, authenticate users through standard log-in, and trigger custom widget actions on their websites.

Despite the platform primarily being trained in English, it boasts the capability to understand and respond in all languages.


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Pros and Cons


Quick setup
Efficiency improvement
Pre-trained in all languages
24/7 service availability
Advanced FAQ handling
Self-service system
Intent detection for accuracy
CRM integration
Backend Data connectivity
Authentication via standard log-in
Custom widget triggers
Multilingual support
Integrates with live chat
Implements SSO and SLA
Capable of handling 250,000 conversations/month
Codable bot actions via AlphaOS
Ready-made URL for sharing
Enterprise grade technology
Connects with other messaging channels via API
Automatic language detection
Trusted by telecoms and banks
Available from 399/month
70% Average answer detection accuracy
65% customer auto-service
JSON export feature


Requires English for training
Possible disclosure of CRM data
Limited customization of widget triggers
Didn't mention encryption of data
Possible integration limitations
Potential lag in non-English languages
Limited with handling complex issues
Potential over-dependence on intent detection
Requires standard log-in for authentication
Some restriction in API usage


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