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Experience unparalleled 24/7 customer care with Chaterimo, powered by ChatGPT.
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Chaterimo is a customer care chatbot that leverages the advanced capabilities of the AI language model ChatGPT to provide businesses with an intelligent and efficient customer service experience.

It provides personalized interactions, transforming how companies communicate with their clients while also reducing customer service costs and saving time.

The platform offers features such as the ability to create a knowledge base, which users can populate via methods like copy and paste, web scraping, file upload, and uploading a Google Shopping XML product feed for e-shops.

Chaterimo has an easy-to-use integration that allows businesses to seamlessly integrate a ChatGPT-powered LiveChat chatbot into their websites. An additional feature is its data management system which considerably simplifies editing and managing your data, reducing potential errors and saving time.

Chaterimo makes use of a powerful AI language model that enhances the chatbot's capabilities, providing nuanced and contextually accurate responses leading to improved user interactions.

It also offers analytics tools to gather reports and discover what users are asking to continuously update the knowledge base. Moreover, with Chaterimo, businesses benefit from a service that operates 24/7 and provides support in multiple languages.

For a more customized experience, it uses API keys from OpenAI for fair usage billing, custom training and avoiding rate limits.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized interactions
Cost and time efficient
Knowledge base creation
Web scraping ability
Easy file upload
Google Shopping XML integration
LiveChat chatbot integration
Efficient data management
Contextually accurate responses
User interaction analytics
Operates 24/7, multiple languages
Fair usage billing
Custom training
Avoids rate limits
Website integration feature
Data editing and managing
E-shop product feed integration
Four methods to populate database
Eases data management complexities
Continuous knowledge base updates
Uninterrupted service provision
Supports multiple chat-widgets
Different chat-widget appearances
ChatWidgets with different roles


Limited file upload size
Knowledge base creation manual
Dependent on Google Shopping
Single rate limit vulnerability
Privacy with third-party API


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What exactly does the ChatGPT-powered LiveChat chatbot do on my website?
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Can Chaterimo's AI language model make responses contextually accurate?
What type of reports can I gather with Chaterimo's analytics tools?
Who currently uses the Chaterimo platform?
How secure is my data with Chaterimo?
How can I integrate a LiveChat chatbot with ChatGPT into my website using Chaterimo?
How does providing my OpenAI API Key for the paid programs benefit me?
Can I use multiple chat widgets on Chaterimo that support multiple languages?

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