Employee engagement 2023-10-19
Employee engagement & workplace culture platform.
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Vityl.io is an employee engagement platform that aims to enhance company culture and create a positive workplace experience. It integrates culture, recognition, and performance to promote an environment where employees feel a sense of belonging and thrive.

Vityl offers features that reinforce culture and belonging by leveraging survey data to set goals and inspire action. It also amplifies the value of every contribution through timely recognition, fostering motivation among employees.

The platform revolutionizes feedback and reviews, making them actionable, fair, and promoting growth. Developed by a team of HR specialists and academic leaders, Vityl's data-driven employee engagement software is informed by industry best practices and a scientific model of belonging.

It leverages research to bring about real change in organizations. The platform provides resources such as articles and guides on crafting a winning company culture and encouraging positive employee behavior in the workplace.

It also offers insights on how AI can assist with employee performance reviews. Vityl.io offers various services, including culture analysis, professional services, and research.

The platform is suitable for organizations that are looking to improve their company culture, enhance employee engagement, and create a successful workplace experience.

They provide a newsletter and updates on belonging research for those interested in staying updated on the latest industry insights. Contact options are available for those seeking platform walk-throughs or deeper research dives.


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Vityl was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2023.
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